Friday, July 23, 2010

Finished Kitchen!

Ok, so the final addition to the kitchen after the paint, new door hardware, floor demo and new tile floors, granite countertops were added....was new appliances. We really were only planning on getting a new fridge and then the whole thing just got the best of us and we reworked our budget, reallocated some of our money and presto---there you have it, 4 new shiny appliances to complete this kitchen remodel :)

We got them delivered the morning before Lyssa and Kevin's wedding and were on a tight schedule, so of course, there was some "drama". The microwave and dishwasher installation guys came first. They walked in, took the microwave down, put the new one up and done! Then it was onto the dishwasher. Once they got the old one out, they tried to get the new one in. Yeah, easier said than done. Apparently our space was just a quarter of an inch too small. Excellent. So we weren't going to make them wait as we sawed a 1/4 of an inch of cabinet wood off of the side, especially because we knew the oven and fridge were on it's way too. I, of course, immediately called my dad and asked him to come over with his jigsaw....while Jimmy figured he could just saw it (with a hand saw) himself. He actually did for a while and did a good job- however, when the jigsaw went much faster.

Sawing takes place. New dishwasher in the middle of the kitchen. But you can see the new microwave!

Then it was fixed, they got the diswasher in clean without breaking anything (including tile-whew!) and we were a functioing kitchen again. In the mean time, the new fridge and stove arrived. The old stove disappeared and the old fridge is now the garage fridge.
So after, it looked like this.

And then I did a little "photo shoot" the other day, in which Jimmy insisted on getting in EVERY picture. I guess it was a positive he was wearing that green polo that kind of matched the walls, right? :) So here we go...presenting the new kitchen. FINISHED. FINALLY.

And these little beauties are from the front yard. They are gorgeous and seem to last forever if I just change the water :) They are a perfect fit on the hand painted tray (by my great aunt Anna Jean) that we acquired at the True Family reunion just a few weeks ago!!

So there you have it...the kitchen from START (see the 3rd picture down) to finish :) YEAH!!!!!
Now what room is next, haha?

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