Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ABC: He's Hooked

Last night was the series premiere of ABC's the Bachelor Pad, which is the new series that ABC is trying to make money off of from the "rejects" of previous Bachelor and Bachlorette seasons. All I have to say is, if you like the drama of the Bachlor and Bachleorette, you will like this show because that's pretty much all it is.

Well anyways, Jimmy and I have both started working out in the morning. 5:30AM we wake up, take the dogs out and he goes down to the basement to do P90X and I do the elliptical and watch Primetime on demand (love that). This is all in effort to "hang out" with each other more because ever since we moved in together after our wedding, while we see each other all the time, we both kind of felt like we didn't get to really spend quality time together. Especially when we'd get home from work at 5:30 and work out. SOO- new solution is work out before work. Two days in, we are liking it I think and spent ALL night hanging out last night.

Well- let me correct that previous statement. I working on painting the trim in the family room and was going to watch the Bachlor Pad. Jimmy sat down and started watching it, saying how stupid it was...but was hooked. He watched the WHOLE thing and probably had more commentary than I did. So hilarious! He and Willy sat together and were very intrigued. Since he's never watched the previous shows, he had no clue how dramatic and crazy some of the people can be. Of course, I knew all of them (pathetic) so could add my previous "history with them". Haha.

Here are some candid shots of Jimmy very into the show at the end during the rose ceremony. He was really upset that Elizabeth stayed because he does not like her at all apparently.

Look at his hands on his face- so upset.

And that's the end. So until next week Jimmy....

In the mean time, if you want a funny recap that will soon be up from Lincee, check out her blog here. Always a good laugh on these crazy shows!!

PS What do you think of the new and improved light paneling?? I LOVE IT! Almost done...


  1. Ok, I seriously dislike Elizabeth. She is a straight freak. She is desperate and needs to think before she talks. seriously. But I can say I really liked this show, a lot.

  2. LOVE the paneling!!! I can't even believe how much it brightens up the room!

  3. I love the paneling as well! I thought that was the basement basement...