Thursday, August 5, 2010

Grade card

Toby was shedding all over the place like a mad man when we got back from Branson on Monday. Like our house looked like a disaster and my dad even vacuumed! There was just SO much hair. Well, that meant it was time to go in for a haircut. Toby hates them. He whines an mopes and hides after he gets them. We found out it might not be because he's embarrassed of his new, sexy hair 'do, but because he did not properly behave at the groomer while mom and dad were away.

They gave us his report card; here's a summary:
- He has dry/flaky/itchy skin (aka shedding) (which we knew)
- He got an "I'll be better next time" on his progress report. AKA he was biting the poor groomer people while they were trimming his nails and paws.

He was not a happy camper last night when he got home and spent the majority of the evening in his cage. I think it was because he was thinking how he would "be better next time".

Poor guy. It's ok, I still love him. On the upside, his hair cut does look really good. They didn't leave his leg hair long.....making him look like he's wearing UGG boots. But now that I'm realizing it, the other people might have left the boots because he did not enjoy when they shaved him there.

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  1. This post made me laugh! Ok, so Tyson has sensitive skin that gets dry and itchy if he is on certain brands of food... He is on the Wellness brand right now and this has cured his dry skin problem pretty much completely. (in fact we get compliments on his shiny coat now- weird). Not saying that could be the issue for Toby, but thought I would mention it just in case :) PS- I think I am going to make it to your birthday!