Monday, August 30, 2010

Trolley pub crawl!

If you live in KC, have you heard of the newest transportation for a night out? It's called the KC Strip and is a trolley that runs from Waldo (south) all the way to Ameristar casino (north)...with stops at Brookside, the Plaza, Westport- which is the connection point between north and south trolleys- Crossroads, 18th and Vine, P&L, and finally the casino.....pretty sweet!

Anyway, a few weeks ago, Jimmy & I and a couple of my work friends and their significant others decided to head out on the trolley and meet up. We all got on the trolley at the most convenient location to all of our houses, so Jimmy and I started to Waldo and headed to the connection point in Westport. Unfortunately, the seamless connection was not really the case, as we were supposed to get off the bus in Westport and get right back on the other bus that takes us to Martini Corner to meet everyone....and then it started to rain, so we headed into Harpos for a discounted beer. That is another get great drink discounts with the wristband from the trolley. Sweet. So we split one beer. Kind of felt like cheap-o's, however, we only had 15 we split it, but took 2 pictures...because we are that cool.

Jim with the beer.
Me with the beer. Yes, same beer.

On the trolley!

Here's what it looks like inside. Yep, it was just us.

So then we headed off to Velvet Dog and met some friends!!! So fun! Then we decided to get back on the trolley and head back to Westport. To Harpo's....again.
One side of the bus! Brian, Katie, Katie and Max....
And the other side....Jen, Britt, and Jimmy. So excited!

One of the best parts about the night was that this group of girls realized that we have one thing in common that we didn't know about each other....we all love photo hunt (erotic of course). So that is great news.....because I think everyone knows how much I'm into it as well :) So we spent hours at the machine, representing our great company, but Shim Shady still got the best of us. It was a good effort though.

And then we met up with some college friends and headed off to Tom Fooleries to end the night with the lights in the bar going on. We stayed out until THREE AM. Holy cow, I don't remember the last time we did that. But it was very fun, I wasn't really that hung over, and am looking forward to the next "college" night out! Wahoo!

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  1. I love that we played photohunt the same night in different cities. Vanchrissa now has the top score at a downtown bar in STL :)