Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Man cave upgrade complete

All right, after much waiting and a debut at my birthday party on Saturday....here it is! The final "man cave" turned updated family room. I'm in love. It's so bright and airy and just cleaner. And of course, doesn't date our house to the year it was built...in the 1950s! Wahoo!!

With just some Ziner 1,2,3 primer and then 2 coats of Glidden paint, we had new walls! Then we had to rip off the tape, re-tape so we could paint all the trim white, then ta-da! The walls were done. Then it was time to paint the beam red :) And that was not fun because it meant more tape, more primer, and more painting trim. But in the end---totally worth it!!

Before I show you the new, how about a step back to the old....here is what it looked like when we bought it!

Then here were some pictures of our "updates" without painting it....

And finally, here it is!

Oh, and since the man cave is now in the basement....the mini fridge was moved to the real man cave!

Same pic...with the beam.


Room view from the stairs with the beam! I love the POP of color!

And my final addition......a wall of pictures :) I got a staircase template from Michaels, but the frames that went with it were WAY too expensive, so I went to Wal-Mart and made it work. I think it turned out great and it was a nice little addition to showcase all those wedding pictures that we paid for!!

Final project: Paint the railing. And DONE.

Don't remember what it looked like before?? Check this post out: original "before".

It's pretty amazing what a few coats of paint, some hard work and sweat, and time will do to transform a room!


  1. Wow - the paint makes all the difference. Congrats!

  2. (Meant to post this on the NEW blog...posted it on the OLD blog first. oops!)

    Looks awesome guys! Love to see how people update their homes - it's an addiction of mine I think...also, switching out the fireplace cover was huge - looks awesome! Hope all is well...Adam