Thursday, August 12, 2010

Surprise Date #3: Deluxe Movie Experience

The third surprise date (see #1 and #2 here) took me by surprise because at the last minute, I remembered it was my turn to plan something! Luckily, I had a few ideas packed in my back pocket. Jimmy loves seeing movies, but loves "broken seats" aka old movie theaters. But with the new invention of Cinema Suites and Fork and Screen at the AMC theaters, I thought we would give that a try with comfortable seats, food and of course beer (which I knew he would love).

Not sure where we are going, but excited!

Laughing after I told him that we were going to Schlitterbahn which is a new waterpark in KCK. However, with no swimsuits, I guess that wasn't too convincing :)

And we arrived downtown at the movie theater! This place is super fancy with a HUGE fountain drink area.

Arrived at our seats. Then Jimmy ordered a bucket of beers and the man next to him wanted to share.

Trying to get a shot of the fancy seats. Fail.

A little better. So cool and fun!!

We did get there early and ordered dinner. I got an awesome steak salad (delicious!) and Jimmy got some macaroni and cheese with waffle fries on the side. And the food was actually really really good. The most amazing thing is how few seats there are in the theaters and there are only 6 of them. But I guess for the $25/ticket, they are probably making lots of money! However, $15 of each ticket (so $30 with 2 tickets) goes towards your food/drink that you purchase, so it's not a bad deal!

We saw Inception and it was INTENSE. Great movie that kept us both on our feet the whole time!! I'm still a little unsure with the ending, but it was well worth it! Overall, a fun surprise date that got us back home on a Friday night early and in bed by 10. Haha. Couldn't ask for anything better :)

AND the pictures below are a preview of an upcoming post. Two weekends ago, we started on the final painting project of our house- since we have painted every other room in the house- the family room (old man cave). The dark paneling had to go, and that's exactly what happened. I cannot believe how much better the room looks!!!!!!! More to come on this. However, the first roll stroke of primer about killed Jimmy. Then he got over it!

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  1. Love the Downtown AMC Cinema Suites! No better way to see a movie. The normal seats are really nice too.