Friday, August 27, 2010

Coming Soon...

Ok......I didn't disappear.....I'm still hear and wanting to be fully engaged in the blogging world. So I apologize if it seems like that is not the case due to my 1 post/week and general lack of postings.

I do have several posts "in the hopper" but need to finish them up. So sorry! But lots of changes and new things going on the Carter household that I need to blog about. This includes new jobs (no company changes), grad school news, ADVENTURES ON THE JO (aka I take the bus to work), new Pi Phi job, and the final man cave project :)

SOOOO....keep tuning in! I promise, you will be somewhat entertained....


  1. I have been dying without your blog posts!! I am actually home this week, so have had lots of time to burn. And you are usually the reliable one :)