Monday, September 6, 2010

Loving Labor Day

Well, this weekend, while low key....that extra day in the weekend made for an all around great time. It went a little like this:

Friday night: we headed down to Flying Saucer in P&L with Bobby and Hillary and then over to Carter Glass to listen to the Pat Green concert that was going on just down the street at Grinders. We started hanging out on the street and found a stray dog. Super cute...with no owner in sight....or collar. So sad. We all loved it and decided Jimmy's parents were going to take it home- Jimmy, of course, volunteered us to take it home, but that was a big veto from me because 4 dogs just won't fly. Then we heard a woman in the distance calling the dogs name and had to give it back. Unfortunately, the dog wasn't too excited to see the I hope the owner was nice.

Then it was off to the roof to listen to the concert. However, Pat didn't actually start playing until like 10:15PM...which on a Friday night is LATE for me. So I started saying it was time to go to bed, and luckily, so did Bobby, so we all decided to head out after only hearing a few songs. Sorry Pat, maybe next time.

Saturday: We started out the day with a trip to the gym. I went to step class- and holy cow. Usually I'm not sore, but apparently I haven't worked out in a while because more than ARMS hurt. Huh? Who knows, because I feel like your legs should hurt, but I guess I got really into the arm movements.

Then it was off to Lawrence to meet Katie and Max on Mass St, as our favorite place-- Jefferson's! We enjoyed some wonderful fried pickles, wings, and Boulevard wheat beer. YUM, as always. Then we were walking to the Wheel and ran into Bobby and friends at the Bull, which was fun but HOT since we were standing outside. However, we did get to catch up with Jay Kramer...which was wonderful because we haven't seen him forever since he's been so busy with law school!! But then, it was up to the Wheel where Jimmy got a wang burger (lots of food apparently) and more beer. I drank a 5 hr energy drink and lots of DC- diet coke.

After we watched a great K-State win over UCLA (wahoo- go cats!), we played/dominated some photo hunt and then Jimmy and I set up shop in a booth at the Wheel and watched the first half of the KU game. Well, it didn't go that well (as you probably know), but it did prove for some great people watching. Observations...

1) I'm not trendy AT all. I had no idea that long shorts with skinny belts and tucked in shirts was cool now. I own none of those things.

2) I really miss college in Manhattan.....just watching people walk into the bar and knowing 1/2 the people in the bar (obviously, not us), it made me miss that feeling of walking into bars in Aggieville!!! Those were the good old days......

Welp, after that it was halftime and we headed home. Then Jimmy realized when we got home, the game wasn't on TV, so he had to listen to it on the radio. And, if you follow college football at know exactly how the outcome of the KU game ended. Which meant my husband hopped into bed at 9:30PM and refused to speak. I was a little confused because he is always wanting to go out and there was actually a birthday party for a work friend we were going to stop by, but apparently this loss was devastating to his life. Men. He wouldn't speak, even when his phone rang like 13 times and I kept asking who is calling him?? Haha, when I picked it up to see the Caller ID said "Tim Carter", I realized why he didn't want to pick up. That's his oldest brother--a huge K-State fan. Haha.

Sunday: Up and at' em. We started off the day with a family walk to Panera for breakfast. I think we determined it is 3 mi round trip, which would be the longest walk to date for Mr. Willy and Ms. Milly. But we set out. And made it successful--- but eating the breakfast was the worst part, as all the dogs wanted their share---but it was a fun family adventure :)

Then I headed off to Starbucks to STUDY. Holy cow, I know. But I'm taking the GMAT in 3 weeks...and needed to get it started. Especially since I'll be gone the majority of this week at a conference. But it was actually quite successful and I felt good about it! I had already taken the practice test and I know where I needed to concentrate---so here's to studying. It's been a long time, but will be worth it.

Jimmy decided to smoke some ribs for a nice dinner with Vanessa, Chris and Hazel Calcara. So excited they were able to make time to stop by and hang out!! And Hazel got to meet and play with Milly and Willy :) They are now BFFs. Love it! But it was good food and great company, as always--- with a night trip to TCBY where Hazel found her biggest fan....and older woman who said she is "a great ambassador for her breed" haha. And snuck her some TCBY. Then Dan stopped by to watch a movie with Jimmy for some man time...and he fell asleep within 5 min.

Monday! (extra day): rWahoo! Just really happy to get to sleep in. Dan, Jimmy and I headed to Hy-Vee for breakfast to kick off Labor day! So fun :) And then I studied, Jimmy cleaned, Jimmy mowed, I shopped (got nothing), dropped by my parents house, then we headed to Jimmy's parents house for fun times with the Carter family. Those kids wear me out, but SO fun. Always love to spend time with family and glad that was exactly how our labor day was spent.

OH YEAH--- and then we watched the Bachelor Pad. Jimmy's obsession. BTW- so confused about Dancing with the Stars mixed with Bachelor Pad.

Ok, that's all. Hope everyone else had a great long weekend!!!!!

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