Wednesday, September 8, 2010

STL here I come

Tomorrow, bright and early, I'm off to the other side of the Mississippi (aka STL) for a 4 day long conference with Pi Beta Phi. One new addition to my life, among other things, is a new role with Pi Phi, which I'm very very excited about!

The last two years, I have served as the Financial/Housing Advisor for the Kansas Beta chapter, which is in wonderful Manhattan, KS and where I was a student! It was quite the experience, especially since I started this role just a year out of college- but I learned a lot, loved working with the girls, and for the most part really did enjoy giving some of my time back to an organization that gave me so much for 4 years!
This past summer, there were some changes within the Region 5 officers and I was asked if I was interested in taking on a new role, as the Regional Financal/Housing Advisor. I work with a team of women, who each support different chapter officers, to support the 15 Pi Phi chapters in all of Region 5. I was a little nervous, but with my work as an FA those past 2 years, I thought I was up to the challenge- especially with a wedding and most of the big house projects out the way! I accepted this new role in August and have been trying to catch up ever since...and find my replacement as the Financal/Housing Advisor at Kansas Beta. Good news---I found a wonderful alumni who we are starting to train- so excited about that, since she'll be working with me!! AND while I do have to take two days of PTO from work, I'm really pumped about this conference so I can learn more about my role and better equip myself to answer some of these questions that are pouring into my inbox all week!
So, I'm off to learn how to "Coach a Winning Team" until Sunday! Wahoo! Which means Jimmy is sans-Brittany for the next 4 days. Surprisingly, he has been a little upset about asking me:
- What will I eat?
- Who will I talk to at night?
- What will I eat?
- Who will make the bed?
- Who will take the dogs out?
- Who will do my laundry?
and finally....
- What will I eat?
It's funny how after 5 months of being married he's already so dependent :) Haha. Well, I answered him with this:

- What will I eat?- you are 26, go to the store
- Who will I talk to at night?- the dogs are probably better listeners than I am
- What will I eat?- seriously? go buy some frozen food
- Who will make the bed?- probably no one, unless you train Milly, Willy or Toby
- Who will take the dogs out?- if I come back to pee stains on the carpet, I will not blame them
- Who will do my laundry?- you can do that hunny :) after you put away your clean clothes from last week that are still folded in your hamper....
and finally....
- What will I eat?- I mean if you are really that upset about it, call your mom! She fed you for 25 years, I've only been at this 5 months!!!

The little dogs will go to my parents on Saturday because only Toby is allowed at the bachelor party that Jimmy will be hosting for his little brother Bobby this weekend! At least he knows he will have a FUN weekend. It's a Carter boy "slumber party" at our house Saturday and I'm happy not be part of that fun :) I am sad I have to miss his fiance, Hillary's bachlorette party, but don't worry....I sent a fun gift!

Well, soon it's off to the arch!

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