Thursday, September 23, 2010

Not PC: Indian Giver

Ok, so I know this title is not PC (aka Politically Correct), however, we could not think of anything more fitting for this, so if that offends you...many apologies, I do not mean it in that way.
Tuesday night, I get home late from attending a KU Info night recruiting event in Lawrence for work around 9:50PM. Thursday is trash day and since Jimmy usually has the trash on the curb by the time I get home on Wednesday night...I realized this was my chance to clean out the fridge of all those left-overs that aren't so good anymore. So off I go. Opening up tupperware, assessing the condition, determining if either of us will ever eat the food, then re-thinking about it, and most of the time tossing it in the garbage disposal or trash. After that fun event, I rinsed out all the tupperware and put them in the sink because the dishwasher was already full and running. Then I sat down to study for about 30 minutes before bed at the dining room table. When I got up and walked back into the kitchen, I see Toby Carter up on his two hind legs, one front leg in the air and the other supporting himself against the counter and then his head tipped just perfectly reaching into the sink to get a tupperware container with his teeth.
I pull my usual yell, "NOOOOOO Toby, bad dog". I take the container and put it back in the sink and scold him again with lots of pointing at his face and a firm face and mean eyes (not sure where I ever got that "scolding technique" but I'm not quite sure if it's even effective). He glares back and then runs upstairs. I turn around to lock up the house for the night and all of a sudden----DOG FIGHT. The noises are ever-so familiar. Milly whining and scared and Toby growling and Willy barking.
**Just think, one day this will be kids yelling- cannot wait :)**
I drop everything, yell, and run upstairs immediately to find all 3 of the dogs in the hallway fighting over a small tupperware container. Milly has it in her mouth and has the vicious eyes at Toby and Toby is trying to get it away from her while Willy just stares and barks. I grab the container and look at all three of them, point, give my look, say no, and take it back downstairs. This whole time Jimmy is in the shower and by the time he gets out, we are all in bed for the night. I tell him that Toby has something to tell him because Toby was bad. Jimmy sarcastically comments, "Oh really? I had no idea something happened. There was no screaming or anything, it was perfectly quiet" all with a stupid look on his face.
I tell him that Toby got in a fight with the wiener dogs over a tupperware container. He asks how they got it. I say from Toby. But then I caught Toby trying to get one for himself and I took it away. So then he went back to Milly and Willy to take the other one back. Jimmy's response? "So Toby really was just taking back what was initially his. He was nice to give it to them in the first place. He's just an Indian giver."
Laying in bed 20 minutes later I tell him that will be my blog post title of this story. Never a dull moment in the Carter house I guess.

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