Monday, September 27, 2010

What a feeling's over. That's about the feeling that I can describe I felt when I walked out of the testing center on Saturday afternoon after taking the GMAT. Did I study lots and lots.....not really....however, for someone that has been out of college for 3.5 years now, studying was quite the task and I sure felt like I studied a lot. A few nights of the library and missing out on a few fun activities really got the best of me. The best news, though? I "passed" aka got a good enough score to get into UMKC, which is where I'll hopefully be starting my MBA in January.

SO......YEAH. Such a great feeling to be done with that. I'm not sure how Jimmy and the family will adjust to me going back to school at night, but we will make it work :)

So after crash studying on Friday night at Panera...and then taking the test all Saturday morning, the rest of the Saturday was spent having lots of fun. Which included:

- Attending the Plaza Art Fair
- Running into Leslie, Garten, and Allie (fun!!)
- Drinking beer
- Meeting up with Jimmy's friends
- Watching K-State pull through a win
- Walking around in the rain at the art fair sans umbrella and then freezing
- Going to Johnny's in PV to watching the KU game


-Watching the Chiefs game with friends (and great food!)
- Play date for Milly and Willy with Marley and hilarious. They loved each other!

Checking out the neighborhood squirrels on the other side of 75th St.

Oh hello Marley :)

- Dinner at the Carter's
- Catch up on all the shows I DVRed
**Recap: Loved Gossip Girl, 90210- I am pretty sure everyone has dated everyone on that show, Modern Family- hysterical, as always** Other premieres are still TBD

Overall, a great weekend. I'm so excited to take my GMAT prep book back to the library and even more excited to be able to read my Kindle on the bus instead of stupid reviewing crap! So ready or not, I'm applying to get my MBA folks :)


  1. Oh B even though I lived that weekend with you it was still exhausting reading that.

  2. Congrats Brit! Welcome back to sucks, but it will fly by.