Saturday, September 18, 2010


The two words that describe my life lately = ORGANIZED and CHAOS. While I consistently try to maintain some sense of order in my/our life through my planner that is filled out with every single day and night activity committed to or planned, through my weekly dinner menus, through my ever-growing to-do lists, through riding the bus as an attempt to gain more time in a day (even to analyzing and trying out different bus routes that might allow me minutes more...), through laying out our weekends hour for hour....BUT....

...none of those things are enough to not let "life" get in the way. Unexpected and wonderful phone calls with good friends, evening dinners with friends and family, the unexpected work or pi phi "emergency" that takes more time than I ever planned, to having a sick dog or a dog with a cyst that bursts and needs to go to the vet ASAP are all some of the few things that happen along the way.

Of course, I should have expected this, right? New pi phi job means learning new things, getting responsibilities which equals less time. When I actually think I'm going to get to bed early, I see Willy laying on the kitchen floor licking the bottom of his pay incessantly and realize that his cyst has popped. That because I got no sleep the week before, when my alarm goes off on a Saturday morning to make sure I'm awake for a 9:15AM eye doctor's appt, I sleep through it....then that thing I signed up for and paid a boatload of money for in order to meet the Oct 1 deadline to apply to grad school, oh yeah, the GMAT.....that date keeps approaching faster and faster and the lack of time I have spent studying anything keeps looming over my head more and more.

Then I have those things that I yearn to do so bad. Those things that when I lay in bed at night I just would have done or found a little bit of time to do. Long or short conversations with good friends, quality time with my husband, those TVs shows on my DVR that will probably never get watched, a long work out that would have made me feel so good, long walks with Jimmy and the dogs on a nice fall night, late night trips to TCBY :), time with family, and so much more!!!

So how do you make it all happen? How do you organize a chaotic life and not lose your mind? Haha, no clue at all! And I have learned that my way of handling stress is not-so-good at times, as I seem to dwell on things I'm unhappy with for a while and then explode. Like our dirty, dirty house that has been driving me nuts all week...instead of nicely asking Jimmy to pick things up and help out- I get snotty and yell. Not so productive.

But here we go. This week is just about over and a new week is upon me. A new week that will bring me new challenges, new joys, and new things to drive my organization into complete chaos....but the best thing I can do? Look at my calendar and laugh because while I know most of the things will happen in there- it's the little and unexpected things that will pop up in between the plans that make life so glorious :)

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