Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Relaxing weekend!

So this past weekend was just great.

Full of some of this.......

right here in Johnson County....Olathe at College and Renner to be exact!

...with some wonderful old high school friends, Lauren and Jen.

.....close up. Us and the grapes :)

And then in between enjoying some delicious wine, I decided our family room and dining room needed a re-vamping. After a year and a half, I decided we needed a little change in the dining room. Which started out with a little adjustment of the table and then some setting up the table with chargers I already had...and finally a stop by Target to get a vase and stuff to put in it! Ta-da (P.S. Jimmy placed himself in every picture, because that's just Jimmy.)

Then, I felt like a needed a decor change in the family room, you know after all the wall changes, etc. And really, I just thought there was overall too much orange in our house (hmmm, I'm weird and get stuck on things like that very easily) and wanted a different rug downstairs.

And ta-da...Kohl's to the rescue. Rugs, big, colorful, just the right combination AND...drumroll please....50% off. Cannot get much better. Paired with a few pillows that were 50% off, SOLD.

Matches just great! Love how much bigger it is!

And finally, some roses to cap off the weekend. Well, really these were from last weekend at Bobby and Hillary's rehearsal dinner. But they look pretty and are still alive!!

And of course the typical and mushy "I just LUV you pictures" :) But really, he's great!

While this next weekend will be full of lots of costumes, candy, ghost and goblins......I'm VERY excited for some fun times!!

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