Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Calling all K-State Fans!

I'm writing this for all those K-State fans and in particular the large majority of K-State couples out there - because I cannot buy something like this due to a "house divided" (aka my husband loves KU). But I saw this and thought lots of people would like this - hoping they are not sold out!! Here is a picture of this awesome K-State wine rack, designed by an industrial engineering class:

From my sister's boyfriend (message via facebook): As an Industrial Engineering student we are required to take a class called Manufacturing Systems Design and Analysis. In this class we design, manufacture, market, and sell a product to consumers. This year in the class we have decided to produce a K-State wine rack. Our company name is Willie Works LLC.This is a limited time offer as we will only be producing a total of 100 wine racks. Once they are sold out you will no longer have a chance to get this unique product. The total cost for this wine rack is $89.50 without tax or shipping. If you live in Manhattan or close to Manhattan we can deliver the product to you which will save in shipping costs. Just make sure you choose the “Local Pickup” option after you enter your credit card information.If you are interested in ordering a wine rack or have more questions you can visit our web-site at

How cool is that?! Check it out and maybe you will have a great present to give your significant other, parent or a good friend!? Happy Wednesday - almost to the end of the week!

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  1. I'm proud of Jimmy for not allowing it in your house! Just imagine how cool it would be if it was a Jayhawk instead. ;)