Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random thoughts: kid vs. adult and going "home"

I have been thinking about this post for a while now. And as the weeks get busier and things get stressful and just don't go how you want them too....it seems as if I long for these moments even more. Meaning - those moments at "home"...and not Jimmy and I's home. My parents house. Like, I kind of want to take a vacation and go to my parent's house - for a week or so...or maybe a month :) Why? Hmmm...how do I explain this?

Let's try starting here. It was funny because the other day at work I was telling my boss about how I can't wait for the first week in May for a break and vacation to Mexico for Courtney's wedding. We started talking about how many people were going down there (all the friends, etc) and he asked me...."well, how many adults are going?". I stopped and gave him a funny look and said, "what? what do you think I am? Do you not think I'm an adult?!" From there the conversation became hilarious as I watched him explain how while I'm not a kid, because I'm younger....yes, yes, I get it. Because I don't have kids, you don't consider me an adult. Because you think I have minimal responsibilities, right? So then I brought that discussion to the larger group of people I work with (like 5 people) to see what they thought. And somehow in someway (I'm going to say it's because no one wanted to stand up and differ from the "crowd's" opinion), everyone else agreed that, yep, I'm still a kid - well except for the girl I work with that is just a few years older than me and is kid-less also. (p.s. if this conversation sounds like it was hostile at all, it actually really wasn't and was incredibly hilarious listening to everyone rationalize why I wasn't a "real" adult...and I was pretty much rolling in laughter at the end. Because I know the truth - I live my life each day, and according to my definition...and my bank account/responsibilities...I consider myself an adult and that's all that matters)

So that got me thinking. Is that how society views me at the age of 25? Even though I have a job that I go to each and every day and strive to do my best and is actually a pretty big responsibility....even though I have a house that I pay the mortgage on every month...even though I'm married...and the list could go on and on. But apparently, I don't have a case because we haven't taken the road to being parents yet. Interesting thought. I will say I do not understand the massive amount of responsibility and emotional investment it takes to be a parent, I would like to think watching others make that transition that I have a sliver of an idea. I am sure that becoming a parent will make me an adult by putting some gray hairs on my head...but until then....

Anyway, to the point. If I am a "kid", I would like to go live at my parents house again. Not have to go to work everyday, not be stressed out about water heater's breaking, dog's getting sick, cooking dinner, going to the grocery store, landscaping and attempting to not kill plants, not do laundry, not to get woken up at 4:30AM every morning to a whining wiener dog....etc, etc, etc. I want to move into my parents house again, rent-free of course, not clean my room, mooch off of the dinner they are eating, lounge around and watch movies all day and go to their neighborhood pool. Oh, and no emptying the dishwasher either. As a "kid", I refuse to do things like that because I'm innocent and free...without a care in the world. I want to go to school and have the most stressful thing in my life be if I wore that same outfit last week and if a boy talks to me in class (well - I guess that boy would be Jimmy because if I did become a "kid" again, I would want to keep him around. The red hair and all). I want my mom's delicious home cooked meals to "appear" on the table every night and all my laundry to disappear and then show up again all folded up and clean. If I am a kid in the world's eyes - why do I have all these adult responsibilities? Let me go "home".

Mom - will you take me, my husband and my 3 dogs? We will be nice to you!? Just feed us! Haha.

I am kind of jealous of those people that don't live in the same city as their parents due to the fact that when they come back to visit their family for holidays, etc. they probably do just that. Go home. Get that extra special treatment because your parents are so excited to see you!!! You know, they buy and make the food that is your favorite. Take you shopping if you are lucky! Sit and talk to you about life. Not saying I don't get that on a weekly basis when we go to visit my parents or Jimmy's parents who live in town - because we do. We are spoiled and have the most wonderful families that are amazing. But I want to have a sleepover at my parents, like people do when they come back in town!! I should schedule one of those soon...and blog about it.

AH - well, there you have it. While I'm not moving home and I actually really love our house (Jimmy and I's), it would be nice to have a full time maid and personal chef....and maybe a dog nanny. I guess that's a whole other wish, right? ;)


  1. I disagree with the "adult" definition...I have seen plenty of "adults" with kids that act way more like kids or are actually kids themselves (meaning a teenager). By the way, can't wait to be with all you kiddos in Mexico!

  2. The other day I said I wanted to spend a weekend at my mom's house -- A mini vacay of luxury, just 45 minutes away!