Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Never a dull night

So if you follow this blog fairly regularly, you will recognize this as our wonderful comforter that we received as a present from my awesome bridesmaids at the shower they threw for me over a year ago. I have never in my life had an expensive comforter...until now. And I love it, so much!!

But here is what our bed has had "comforting" it for the last 2 nights. Err- let me correct that statement, last night and about the last quarter of the one before :) So not a full 2 nights!

Why is that so? Oh you know...Monday evening after getting home from a long night of class in which I had to present our debate...I try to get right to sleep. However, as I am jumping into bed, Jimmy mentions that Toby has explosive diarrhea (remember my mom's guest post about this problem Lani had? haha) probably from eating grass that has fertilizer in it that he just put down. Oh, well isn't that wonderful? So I think Jimmy took him out to do his thing right before bed and then about 1:30 or so?
Well, 2:30 rolls around and I wake up to a nasty smell filling my nostrils. I lay there and immediately know it's poop or throw up - I mean, duh, isn't that normal? :) I turn on my lamp and look to the end of the bed. Yep - one of the above occurred from Willy at the bottom of our bed, of course all over our wonderful, nice comforter. Which mind you, has already been to the dry cleaners once in the last almost year of use. Poor thing.
So I take Willy outside, Jimmy starts cleaning up the mess and doing his usual fake gagging/puke signs and I sit there saying "You think this is bad, wait until our future kids have a blow out..." (I'm such a nice and positive person, don't you think!?). So we take the comforter off, toss in a big trash bag and put it in the garage with the plan to take it back to the dry cleaners the next day. In the mean time - guest room comforter and towels (just in case anyone threw up/pooped again we would be covered) would have to do.
Conclusion of the night? No sleep for either of us. I stayed up with the lamp on rubbing Willy's belly and taking him out a few more times to try to get him to "get it all out"..mainly because I felt so bad for the poor guy - I mean come on, we all know what it's like to have an upset stomach and off of fertilizer - not so good.
Result the next day? Tired.tired.tired. Always fun, right?!
Tuesday evening I had a meeting and got home around 8PM thinking - I'm going right to bed and going to get a great night's sleep. Ah - one can only hope, right? Well, Jimmy didn't join me for an early bed time because he found a cool new iPad app that lets him keep score of the Royal's game on. (don't ask...I know what you are thinking...why? Doesn't the score get posted on the screen? Yes, yes it does. But he likes to document the plays, hits, errors, etc....) So he comes to bed later around 11 or 11:30. Now the usual routine for the last person who goes to bed is lock the door in the garage to the house - and obviously make sure all the other doors are locked to the outside- set the alarm, and come upstairs. Well apparently it was A) too late at night for Jimmy to remember or B) he just do all those things!
So at 2AM, when our bedroom door all of a sudden slams closed...I cannot seem to shake it off that it was just the wind from an open window in our room. I wake up Jimmy and say "Someone is in our house!", which obviously freaks him out...and it freaks me out more because when I ask him if he set the alarm he says "Um, I don't remember...". Great. Fantastic. So I lay there a few minutes longer "hearing" noises that I'm convinced are robbers just walking around our house casually taking everything. Including our computer. With all our pictures. AH! I wake Jimmy up again and tell him to get the bat and go see. No, his arguement doesn't work. We're married. He's the guy. While sometimes we tend to have flipped roles than what is "traditional"...not in these cases where it's necessary to gocheckthehouseandbeatuprobbersifyouseethem cases.
He gets up, bat in hand, flips on the lights and sees nothing. He does confirm that the alarm wasn't set. I am quietly following him, whipping around randomly to see if maybe the robber is smart and is behind us. Who knows - I have heard that robbers are smarter these days. To my surprise, no robbers. So we let the wiener dogs outside and Jimmy takes Toby out on his the dark. Are you kidding? Turn on the light dude - we were just hunting for robbers in our house!! I turn on the light and then he freaks out saying "Brittany, I'm in my underwear! Turn the light off". Really Jimmy, what neighbor do you think is up at 2AM and a better question - checking out what is going on in our backyard. Plus, he wasn't naked...underwear = same as swim suit = who cares.
After he comes inside, I am waiting for the wiener dogs to make it back to the door and he starts to go upstairs! WHAT? He is leaving me downstairs in a house that could have a robber in it...only days before our anniversary?! How rude!?
When I finally get back in bed - alarm is set, doors are locked - I lay there just waiting for a robber to come in and take two shots and bye bye we go. Then I start thinking about how we are the perfect targets for a murder mystery...young couple in love, newlyweds about to hit their first anniversary, loving life, etc. AH. Obviously my mind was more alert than my body last night!
Anyways, the good news is, there were no robbers and everyone in our house is fine. Jimmy is still mad at me for making him "use" the bat, but he'll live.
Moral of the story - never a dull night at the Carter house. Today I'm all prayers for an uneventful night and that 2AM passes and I don't wake up!!


  1. Haha, I woke up to smelling poop once. Except it was Andrew who had pooped on the floor, not a dog. :)

  2. Haha Ali! I remember that story fondly. Britt- a) are you sure it wasn't a ghost and your house isn't haunted. b) Isn't Willy the dog that would not throw up after pouring hydrogen peroxide down his throat?