Monday, April 25, 2011

Jimmy turns 27

Just to note - Jimmy turned 27 on April 17.  It's April 24 (when I'm writing this).  A week late.  I know, I know.  But I wanted to get this posted for the record - especially because I took some ADORABLE pictures on Easter that I can't wait to share!!

To start off - we have to talk gifts, especially since he got me the most wonderful anniversary present the week before - I knew I wanted to get him something awesome.  He has been wanting these adjustable weights for a LONG time.  I mean for at least 2 years.  But they are rather pricey and since we belong to a gym I keep asking him why he "needs" them (you know, that's me acting like I only ever buy/request things that I "need" vs. "want".  Sometimes I am quite hypocritical, huh?).  Well, he couldn't find a reason that he needed them - other than the fact he was up and doing P90X again.  So his birthday was the perfect excuse to splurge and spoil him rotten.  Luckily, he has a great mom and I have a great mom that wanted to buy him a present.  And ta-da.  After finding exactly what he wanted at, I got them delivered to the store by us for free (can you imagine the shipping on 100lb weights?!) and had the guy pop them in my trunk.  Hence the problem - how the heck was I supposed to get them out because I cannot lift the 100 lb box.  Well, that's where my creativity came in :)  Jimmy can do it for me, but I need to surprise him. 

Before he got home, I made a quite creative sign and taped it on the box in my trunk.  I tricked him by asking him to get something out of my trunk for sneaky :)

He was surprised - but I think he had a sneaking suspicion when I had the camera going....what can I say?  I'm not THAT sneaky.  Then he got right to assembling them :)

So really, I cheated and I gave that to him a little early.  But then on the Saturday of his birthday weekend - we threw a little BBQ at our house with his friends!  It was so fun!  And of course, I didn't get any pictures of the people actually there (minor detail - but I promise, people showed up!)...but it was very fun having all of them over!!  And we FINALLY got to use our heat lamp that my mom bought him for his birthday last year (you know, think the ones you stand next to outside a restaurant or bar).  It was a hit!

Here is the birthday boy at the end of the night.  Almost officially 27 years old.  He claimed that he could barely get out of bed because he was so sore and achy the next day.  I don't think that was due to age - pretty sure that was due to all the beers he consumed this evening!

You know it was a good party when even your dogs are "pooped". 
Here are the little dogs passed out at the end of the night!

You also know it's a GREAT party when you are left with a huge mess to pick up at the end of the night - but you're not even mad about it because you had a great time :)

Yep - he's loving 27 already!

And don't forget- all the birthday cards that he got!  We of course had them on display.  Now that he works for Hallmark - he understands how crazy this can get!!

And finally - the birthday boy with his first love and baby - Toby :)  Haha.  This picture cracks me up!

In closing - Jimmy, so happy that this is the fifth birthday I have got to help you celebrate and the second that we have been married for :)  While last year it wasn't too exciting as we got back from Mexico on your birthday - hopefully this year was still just as fun!  Looking forward to celebrating many many more birthday's with my wonderful husband and showering him with presents and love - well I'll shower him with love on a daily basis, not just for birthdays!

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