Thursday, April 7, 2011

Party like a rock star

that was the theme of the weekend for me a few weekends ago to celebrate the soon-to-be-married Courtney and Brian - WAHOO! Less than a month until their wedding and the Mexican adventure we will go on with them. CANNOT WAIT.

Back to the point. There was shower on Friday that Jimmy and I attended - Jimmy against his will because KU was on. I told them they would have a TV. They did. He lived. End of story. Anyways, it was a Hawaiian theme and I got really into it using my fun stuff from the discount store at work. Most other people didn't. Hmm. :)

Anyways - there was yummy food, good drinks and great company...and a fun game where the couple was asked questions about who does what and they had to raise the shoe of the person they thought. Questions were like "Who is the messiest?"...and then some dirty ones that were funny. So cute! Loved it! And loved that the crowd/guests got to join in and ask them questions too!!

That next night - it was "dress up" again - this time 70s themed to the max. Oh so fun. With that theme in mind and hearing that lots of people were going all out with these costumes, I went to my mom's house to pick up her 70s dress that my grandma made her to wear to prom or sophomore formal? Either way - this is the second time I have worn this dress to a "theme" party and while it was a little snug than last time (I was a sophomore in high school then - give me a break!) it still worked like a charm and fit the theme great.

And check out the bride to be's dress- AMAZING!!

Courtney, me and Lauren - with little Baby S in her tummy :) So fun!

If you don't know, Courtney has a twin, Ashley who lives in LA and came in town for the weekend. Boy are we glad she did :) Haha! And she had a great outfit as well as loved that doll!

After a shower with probably the most amazing party food I have ever had in my life with lingerie and gifts, we headed off in the COOL bus to a bar downtown called Retro. We were the only people there and I literally thought we had rented it out. Until about 11PM. Then it was packed!

This doll got LOTS of love if you can't tell :)

Here he is with another drink! And check out LeighAnne's dress - SO awesome. She rocked those stripes all night long! I loved it in Shark Bar with the black lights because she looked like a piano keyboard all lit up!!

Well - my camera and pictures did skip the most interesting part of the evening, which was at P&L and when we decided to go to Shark Bar. Haha. Bad idea. Here is what happened here (quick summary):

- We all go in and pay $5 each
- Go on the dance floor and the blow up Brian get's popped
- People invite girls into their "VIP Section" to dance
- Everyone follows
- Next thing we know bouncers are yelling at us
- People yell back
- Shoving
- We are all kicked out of the bar

Enough said. I hated that place before and yep, still hate it :)

Anyway, next and final stop was at the Brooksider...where Courtney and Ashley found their calling in life. Dancers for a band. Haha. Ashley immediately jumped up on stage and danced the entire time we were there and made everyone else get up there too! It was soooo fun! The best was at the end when it was just those two dancing. Hilarious. I just love twins. And especially these twins :)

The bride - having a swell time!!

Ashley ending the epic night as the Zeros drummer. Haha. She was great!!

And that's it - peace out dudes!

Overall - if this has ANY indication of half of what Mexico will be like with all these crazy fun people - I can't wait!! Love you Court and thanks for letting me celebrate your wedding with you!!

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  1. Love this! Cannot wait for Mexico! I am a little nervous...not for the wedding, but for the post-vacation hangover. I am still recovering from that weekend. Ay yi yi...