Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bachelorette party - Oklahoma style

All right, as you can tell, I'm slowly but surely catching up on some important things - with random posts sprinkled within.  However, I'm not sure anyone reads this blog anymore - but that's ok, I will keep posting ;)

So in the midst of temporarily moving out of my house, Lauren, Keri and I - along with some other fun people - headed down to Collinsville, OK to visit Katie for the weekend and celebrate her bachelorette party and make sure she had a great time!  We arrived late on Friday night so we could be there early to get everything set up and ready for the rest of the party's arrival on Saturday.  So after some shopping for essentials - food and some alcohol - we were ready to get the party started!!!

Keri is getting the party started with some delicious summer beer!  My mom didn't know their was alcohol in it and had like 5 glasses, so you know it was good!  There were also some yard games and Lauren and her mom spent some time in the baby pool :)  It was hot people, they had to do something!!

It did get a little too hot, so we headed inside to play some beer pong on Katie's island.  Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do in this kind of crazy heat.  And even Krista joined in the beer pong fun with water (she's pregnant- and a super cute pregnant girl at that!!)

After we all got ready, we were all set for the lingerie shower to shower the bride to be with some new lingerie and embarrass her.  We did - and it was fun!!  How cute is she decked out in her pin and the bachelorette koozie!!

Ok, so here is just one example of how we embarrassed her.  With boobie tassels.  Trust me - there were other much more embarrassing items given to her, but Lauren and I had to get her these.  I mean we grew up talking about Katie's boobs :)  Not in a weird way, but they were just so big!! (especially compared to ours!)

We caught a few pictures before we went out of the whole group - which included Katie's college friends that were Chi-o's with her, Lauren, me and her sister, Keri!   It was so great that everyone was able to come down!!!

We then headed to dinner at this random place I picked and found online, Baxter's.  It was interesting - the food was ok and the drinks were flowing, but it was the other patrons.  There was some anime conference in downtown if you know what that means.  That included people dressed up in some interesting costumes.  Anyway, then the limo came and picked us up at the restaurant and it was HUGE!  The bachelorette was really excited!  And so were we :)

I will spare you with the details of the drama that occurred at the first stop.  Long story short, with the limo company I booked - we were supposed to all get in free to these 2 clubs in Tulsa and the limo company made all the arrangements.  Well, apparently that didn't happen, even if I called the Wednesday before to confirm.  So I was ANGRY when they wouldn't let us in.  We had to pay 1/2 the cover for each person, but did get in our own space and then they brought us this super awesome bottle of champagne with fire - so that was fun.  Still - the limo company received a not-so-nice phone call from me.  Which then turned into another phone call, as their customer service sucked, until she told me that she was going to give me the money back.  And then I checked my credit card statement, and guess what?  She didn't - so the saga continues....GRRR!!

But anyway, it was fun after we got in and we had a great time!!!

Love this girl!

We then went to another club that was interesting - you could also smoke inside it, which was gross.  There was lots of dancing - see that guy in the background of the picture below (right by Katie's hand), he was rocking it by himself all night and was hilarious but a pretty decent dancer.  But we did make Katie get up and dance like 3 times around the stripper pole, and then she got down, understandably, but it was still fun!

The bride and her bridesmaids :)

After we had enough of Pink...Katie said "let's go to the casinos"!!!  Haha, surprise, surprise :)  While some of the folks didn't like the HEAVY smoke (it was almost like walking into a fire), they went to get the cars and drive them back to Collinsville while we stayed and all wasted our money on blackjack.   Katie was on a roll for a while, then Lauren we got a few beers, Katie started continually yelling ".....every body's a winner..." and getting lots of stares - and it was pretty fun.  Honestly, I don't think we could have planned a more fitting ending to Katie's bachelorette party.  It was so fun and so Katie :) 

Love you girl and so glad we got to be such a fun part of the events leading up to your special day!

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  1. I'm just as behind as you are with posts! Ha! I still read your blog, it just takes me a little longer to catch up these days! :)