Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On the other side

Yep, on Sunday I turned 26. Officially past 25 and on the other side of my 20s. Crazy, huh?? But when your husband is almost half way through being 27, it makes me feel a little better. Sorry Jim. However, mom, you said someday I would thank you for sending me to school early and making me the youngest person in my class. So after all those times I got mad at you when I could drive when everyone else was 16 and I couldn't go to bars because everyone else was 21....I'm going to officially thank you.

It was a wonderful weekend, which started early, on Thursday to be exact when we flew bright and early to Baltimore to get started on Sara and Jay's wedding festivities!! After a FUN weekend (lots of pictures to come on that), we were able to successfully escape Hurricane Irene and changed our flight from Sunday morning to Saturday morning and get home before the storm hit AND grab an early birthday dinner with Katie and Lauren. It was sad to have to go home early, but it was nice to get home, see friends and sleep in on Sunday!

My actual birthday - was a fun day complete with a trip to Jefferson's in Lawrence with my family (thanks family for driving all the way up there with us for some delicious wings), mixed in with wonderful phone calls and text messages from friends and family and ended with a dog party with 7 dogs and lots of doggie ice cream.

Fried Pickles + wings + friends + family + dog parties = a great 26th birthday and a very thankful birthday girl

Throw in the present from Jimmy...

...and oh boy, watch out. I have a zoom lens now and can be extra creepy.

Cheers to many more happy birthdays :)


  1. Fun present! Glad your birthday weekend was great. :)

  2. Happy Belated!!!!! Hope to see you soon. I was in KC this weekend for a wedding, but since Adam was in the wedding, we were so busy. I didn't get to see anyone :(