Friday, August 19, 2011

Fun Story Friday (FSF)

Ok, so this is going to be the new weekly “thing”. At one point I tried to blog every week about random bus stories. Well – then my life got a little OOC and that extra 25 minutes on the bus, while maybe the best and most peaceful part of my day, yeah that wasn’t going to fit into the schedule. So that weekly post stopped. Plus, I have a feeling those bus stories might have been a little too judgmental for something I would like to have lingering around on the Internet that I wrote. You know, in case someday I want to run for president. Ha – just kidding. But I mean, I like to try to be a nice person.

ANYWAY – jeez louise, I told myself these were going to be “short and sweet” and the perfect amount of words with accompanied laughter to start off the weekend. So here you go…the “rules”
1. On FRIDAY, post a FUN/FUNNY story

2. Has to be no longer than 3 paragraphs – so try to keep it short and sweet

3. Has to be random

4. Might be something that only you find hilarious, but you post it anyway

5. It can be making fun of yourself

I added that last one because I feel like that might be a trend of mine with these. You will see when I officially start this first one and restrict myself to the “no longer than three paragraphs/short and sweet” rule.

And go –

Monday night I went on a walk with Toby. I asked Jimmy if he wanted to with me, as we had just finished up eating dinner. He said no because his “stomach hurt”. I told him “stomach hurt” is code in our house for “I want to go be lazy and play PS3 like I have for the last 5 nights” and walked away. Yes, I’m an honest wife. So I took his keys and went out to his car to get his iPod to listen to on my walk. Since I already had Toby on the leash and ready to go, I just set the keys down on the back of my car, closed the garage door and off we went.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning (because this is “short and sweet” I spared you some funny parts…not funny enough to write and keep “short and sweet”, but I wanted to let you know I’m trying to stick to my rules….haha). I’m at work getting ready for a big/long conference call with a retailer at 9AM. It’s 8:45 and I get a call from Jimmy asking me:

“Did you happen to take my car keys off the back of your car this morning?”

Ummmm….that’s a big fat NO. Oops. I tell him to check around; they probably fell off when I backed out. He said “whatever” and hung up. Well, that was fun. Then I feel bad and have to call him back before I got into my call to make sure he can make it to work. Luckily he had a spare key.

The funny parts of this story?? If the situation were reversed - I would have turned into devil woman on him. He was completely calm…which is why I love him. The keys are still lost and Jimmy is still laid back about it. However, I did (with the help of my co-workers) figure out to turn the situation around so it’s his “fault” because he was lazy and didn’t want to go on a walk with me. In summary, wives are crazy. Wives can make any situation their husband’s fault. Wives make husbands go crazy, but make them sane at the same time. So weird how this world works.

PS We’re changing our locks and hoping the car doesn’t get stolen. Oops. My bad.

PPS I took a picture as evidence as to where the keys were. Oops. My bad.

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  1. This makes me laugh because we had a similar situation happen to us just this week! Brian took off Jake's electric fence collar so we could go on a walk. He set it on the back of his car. Sure enough, he forgot and drove off with it and we had to go buy a new one!