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Katie and Barry's big day!!!

All right - here it is! The post about Katie and Barry's wedding that was the last week of July. But guess what? I'm pretty much caught up now on all my pictures, which is SUPER exciting!!

The weekend started off early Friday morning when I picked up Lauren from her apartment and we headed south to Collinsville to see the bride to be. We got there, exchanged some hugs, ate some lunch, told Katie that the cookie cake she bought would for sure not feed 25 people that were coming to the rehearsal dinner...made some brownies to try to make more dessert, but only 9 came out of that Not a relevant part of this post, but believe me, that whole conversation was hilarious.

Anyway, the rehearsal was about 20 minutes away in Tulsa (where the wedding was) so we headed there with Barry, a groomsman, Greg, Lauren, Katie and I. And we got there and finally got to get a preview of the beautiful muesum that they were going to tie the knot in!

Oh and here was the statue in the middle of the rotunda that they were going to have the ceremony in. Barry was not very happy of the naked man there, but they had to make do and it was gorgeous. I mean it is a muesum, but it was pretty funny. I thought it was fun! :)

We did some exploring of the mueseum and gardens there after we ran through the ceremony (twice because Barry's adorable groomsmen were nervous and wanted to make sure they got everything right - we loved it!!!). And check out how pretty the gardens are. Katie and Barry took their engagement pictures there too - and they were so gorgeous!!

The bride - ready to get married!!!!

Then we headed back to Katie and Barry's house with family and friends to enjoy some delicious BBQ that was made and prepared by the best man who owns a BBQ restaurant in Bentonville, AR. Oh my goodness. It was so freaking good - he had some special BBQ sauce that he made and I couldn't place my finger on what made it so good (not that I would have ANY idea, I tried to make myself sound like I did) I just kept eating it. And in these pictures you get to see some of their beautiful house!

Friends eating at the table and sweet Ellie!!!

And the staple Jimmy picture. He did end up making it down with my parents and sister for the dinner! He was getting a new laptop at work and our I/T department can be not-so-great at times, so we were worried he wouldn't get off work in time, but whew, he did. Haha. Ok, he has nothing to do with their rehearsal dinner. Sorry - I just like him.

After a late night talking with friends and having a good time, it was finally Saturday, which meant it was....


Our first stop in the morning was to pick up some of Katie's wonderful girlfriends from Houston at the airport and give them Katie's car so they would have transportation around Tulsa as they had some duties that day to pick up things for the big day. Then we were off to the salon to get hair and make up done. Katie had done her make up here before during her engagement pictures (and it looked amazing) but she never ever had a trial of her hair or really any idea of what she wanted to do, so after scouring through magazines, Lauren found a great style and off the stylist went. And it looked SO good! Oh my gosh!

Katie, mom and Keri (sister) at the salon - they all look so amazing!! What a fun day!

After we ran to Kohl's to purchase a new strapless bra for an irresponsible bridesmaid (yep that was me....mine was falling apart), we grabbed some leftover BBQ at Katie's house, grabbed our dresses and headed to Tulsa. We were so excited!!!!!!!! And yes, that was me driving and turning around - I promise it was like for one second. Lauren said this was an "irresponsible" picture...haha!

After a bit of rain on our way into the city, we stopped by to get checked into the hotel and drop our stuff off and then it was OFF to the Philbrook to go the bridal suite. So the bridal suite was gorgeous and such a nice perk, but it was hilarious the route you had to take in the museum to get there. It was through the back rooms and storage. On the way there, we saw a HUGE spider and the bride seemed to like it!

Ok, so then we get in the room and put our stuff away and start talking. And Lauren is like "what is that noise? do you hear that? I hear something....what is that?" and went on like 50 times :) And we were all very confused, as we didn't hear a thing. I think it was the AC? But we are still not sure. Maybe Lauren can hear things other people don't and it's a special talent she hasn't realized she has yet??

And then it was fun time - to gawk at family heirlooms passed down (something old, something blue) and beautiful engagement rings (something new).

And THEN (yes we might have had a little too much fun taking pictures in the bridal suite) we made Keri "walk the runway" because with her hair and makeup, she looked like a super model - so we wanted to see her moves. And then of course big sister said "that's not how you do it" and had to give it a try. I have many more of it was an all out fashion shoot!

And then someone came down and said "time to start being serious, you are getting married". Haha, JK, but the we were like, "oh yeah, you are getting married soon, so maybe we should start focusing on that". So we did. We got the dresses ready to go...

The flowers arrived and were beautiful!

Oh and the booze the form of a bottle of wine, so it was REALLY time to get married!!! And here is my first attempt at a more sophisticated blogger collage. I am probably going to try PowerPoint, as suggested by Krista....I think I will like that :) But bride and bridesmaids were having quite the time!

Toasting to a wonderful wedding day!

And it was time to get dressed - she looks BEAUTIFUL - and she was glowing with excitment!! I love that dress!

And check out this hair piece that Ida made her :)

Ready to go - let's get you married!

Here are her Houston friends in town :) So happy we got to meet these girls!

The ceremony was beautiful and went great - the pastor was 7 feet tall (literally) and had great stories about them and their relationship that brought them to this day. So sweet. I didn't get any pictures of that...and Jimmy didn't do a great job either, so sorry!!!

Check out the details - program, cake and grooms cake!

After some pictures in the HOT Oklahoma sun (cannot wait to see them!!!), it was time to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Ruddick and kick it off with a first dance. So cute and so happy!

Dad/daughter dance!

Pictures of our families and the Bruns/Haller girls that have been friends since Katie and I were 2.5 years old. Yep, that's right. We went to the same daycare and took this picture for Miss Phyllis :) She was the best!!! She got to see us all last year at my wedding, so we are going to send her this. So crazy how time flies, but good friends stay constant.

The food was delicious, the dancing was fun and the alcohol was flowing! Everyone had a great time. Here are pictures of the bouquet toss (caught by SaraBeth), the Chi-O's singing to Katie - so great to get to see all of them so soon after our bachelorette party weekend - and Barry getting the garter off of Katie. I love her faces in these!

Everything good does have to come to an end I guess, so after we wished the happy couple off, it was back to our hotel downtown and then we went out with Lauren, David and Lauren's parents because we were brave enough to go out in this street fair they were having in Tulsa. But it was fun chatting with everyone!!

When we got back to our hotel room, Jimmy used his new wireless speakers that he found at Tulsa to wish us all to sleep with some thunderstorm noises that Lauren thought were hilarious and weird at the same time. But hey, the other 3 of us thought it was relaxing and Lauren didn't seem to have any trouble going to sleep :) What was so funny and I had to get a picture of (I dont' think I even told Katie this yet) was the picture in the bathroom at our hotel was the same picture of an oil rig that was on Barry's grooms cake! How ironic - it means everything was meant to be, right??

Overall, it was such a FUN weekend and so so happy I got to be involved in Katie's big day from start to finish (check out her engagement, wedding shower, bachelorette party and additional wedding pictures). Katie is one of my best friends and I'm so happy for her and Barry and cannot wait for many more exciting things to come! Love you Katie and Barry!!

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