Thursday, August 11, 2011

Check out this stain!

Wow - what some sanding and a few fresh coats of stain can do to original 50 year old hardwood floors. Even Willy enjoys them :)

After I got back from Katie's bachelorette party, Jimmy and I stayed at my parents house with the 6 dogs while they were in Austin at a that week the guys from Quality Hardwood Floor were in and out of our empty house sanding and staining the floors.  But we headed to the lake for that weekend with Jimmy's family (you guessed it - that post is next!) so they moved our furniture back into our house that Saturday - so a week later to be exact - and we got to come home to some beautiful floors.  Check them out!

Living room (don't worry - I now have a colorful rug and some more colorful pillows - we had to get rid of the "pee rug")

Finished stairs!

The entry way and hall way - love it!

The office - I hadn't put the rug down yet!

Our master bedroom - without the bed put together.  

Guest bedroom!

And the dining room - guess what?  A new table is coming soon to this dining room near you in September!  And I'm thinking of a china cabinet makeover :)

That's it - so what do you think of the darker floors?  I think I'm in love.  And it's pretty funny to watch the dogs run around and slip on them.  Do not worry - we got an extra strength coat of stuff on top of it so the guy assured me there would be no scratches!


  1. They look awesome! So rich in color. I can't believe you had to move all your furniture. What a pain, but I'm sure worth it!