Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Outdoor movie fun!

Once upon a time....

...I started this blog post and never finished it :)  So here we go!  A few of my nieces and nephews were insisting that Jimmy and I watch Tangled.  Since it was a newer Disney movie, I had never seen it and since it's a Disney movie...Jimmy had never seen it.  Did you catch that?  Yep, I think this might have been his first Disney princess movie.  In the mean time, I have gotten him to watch Beauty and the Beast.  Next up hopefully Aladdin.

Anyway, Jimmy's oldest brother had a projector and hooked it up to his laptop, hung a sheet outside on their house and TA DA an instant outdoor movie theater!  They had us over for some CostCo pizza and drinks and then we cooked some smores outside and played fake restaurant while we waited for the sun to go down.

A few things: (1) I got to see one of the fake owls that Tim has in his garden - apparently the Carter boys swear by them.  Odd, but funny.  (2) I got served fake macaroni and cheese (several times), nachos and a burrito.  And they were all delicious! (3) I loved the movie!!

Onto the pictures!  We brought over some chairs - one that Jimmy just HAD to have at CostCo that night.  It was like a $25 Tommy Bahama chair that he was obsessed with and wanted to buy two of.  I put my foot down and only let him buy one, but then I ended up sitting in it the whole time before Norah kicked me out :)  Here is the chair when I had claim on it - with sweet Kenlie!

And our matching braids!!  No, we didn't plan it!

Miss Katy swinging on the swing in her ADORABLE outfit!  So cute!

Haha Ben and Maren on the swing - they might be a little too big for it, but looks fun!

And this is when Kenlie took my camera and snapped some shots.  Apparently she convinced Maren and Ben to do a photo shoot!

Another Kenlie shot (note Jimmy in the background waving, as usual - always wanting to be the star of the picture!!) of the whole group waiting for the movie to start!

And we have the movie!

....and a gun :)

...oh and a matching princess dress.  Love it!

...and some cousins that love each other!

....and ADORABLE baby boys!

And some very happy grandparents enjoying the movie!

Check out these girls - front row seats!

And this is when Norah highjacked my chair!  She couldn't get enough of it!

...or enough of Max!  She used to be afraid of him because he was so big, but all her fears went away that night. They were best buds!  She even kept asking me where he was when we were at the lake a few weeks later :)

In her seat, enjoying the bowl of popcorn.  She shared with Max - don't tell!

Oh - and I forgot the best part about the chair according to Jimmy.  It folds up into a backpack.  OH MY GOSH - how awesome, right?  Wrong because I couldn't make it through any door and when I got stuck, people laughed at me.  Haha.  It was funny though.

So it seems as though I have truly made the whole point of this post about some chair that Jimmy insisted we get at CostCo...not sure how that happened, but it did.  Well, I still think it was a waste of $$ even though it's kind of comfy.

Overall, Tangled was a GREAT movie!!  I loved it and the songs and everything.  I might even buy it.  Watching that movie made me miss being a kid or just means I need to hang out with these kids more often.  And that would be just fine with me :)

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