Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mantle up, stockings up...right in time for Christmas!

So the man cave has been very man cavish ever since we moved in, but I just wasn't sure exactly what I wanted so I didn't want to move forward.  One thing I did want for sure was a fireplace mantle, a working fireplace and my fabulous circle mirror hanging over the fireplace.

Enter this past weekend and last night and TA DA!  I got all that, plus some personalized stockings :)

Documentation of the work in progress.

Jimmy and my dad hard at work taking the 1970s mirror down.  (Notice the pendants....Jimmy hung these up- obviously- but also please notice as the pictures progress these magically disappear.  It's amazing how magic works.....)

I had to get one of Willy.  He wanted to help the boys so bad!

Hahahaha I caught Jim in the act.   Sweet eye brow move. The mantle and side panels are up :)

And the poor mirror that has spent all of it's time at this house wrapped up because there was no where to put it!

Pretty mirror!!  Then my dad did get the gas thingy to work and I rearranged the logs just right so the fire glows.  Worth EVERY ounce of energy I put in fighting with the previous owner to ensure that the fireplace was fully operating.  I say that now.... but seriously, it was worth it!

I made a little trip to Michael's last night.   Since we are like 3 days away from Christmas and most normal people have their stockings up well before now, I snagged up these for on 99 Cents/each.  Then to personalize them, I put my "sewing" skills to work and stitched in everyone's name!!  How precious :)

Milly, Willy and Lauren...Lauren was upset that she was the only name that didn't end in Y.  However, the first letter of her last name does, so that counts!

I'm SO excited.  I cannot wait for Santa to slide down the chimney and fill these stockings with fun presents.  Merry Christmas (early of course--I'm just in the spirit and cannot contain myself I guess)!

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