Friday, February 17, 2012

FSF: Boiling eggs

Bringing back a Fun Story Friday for this Friday....last Sunday night we were having cobb salad for dinner and using some leftover fried chicken strips I had made the night before for dinner.  On my way to the grocery store at around 4:30, Jimmy and I had the following conversation via text message:

Brittany: "Hey I have 2 questions for you.  What kind of dressing would you like and can you boil 5 eggs?"

Jimmy: "Sure.  FF Ranch."

Jimmy: "How do I do that."

Brittany: "Seriously??"

Jimmy: "Yes."

Brittany: "Just boil water.  And put 5 eggs in and leave it to cook.  It will be done when I get home"

Jimmy: "Thanks."

Ok - he was serious.  I couldn't believe it.  This is like when Emily asked how to make pasta in college...haha.  Anyone remember that - isn't that what she asked???  Oh Jimmy, what in the world would you do without me??

I find it hilarious and sad all at the same.  Love that kid.

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