Monday, February 13, 2012

Telling your husband

So now that the big news it out of the bag that we are having a baby - in come some of the blog posts that I've been hoarding for the last 16 or so weeks.  It's so crazy because so much in life has changed with that little positive sign, including emotions like excitement, nervousness, anticipation, nausea (yep, did have a little of that) but also the desire to go into "planning mode" and document everything I possibly can so I don't forget.  Because it's so crazy and fun and awesome, right?!?   Yes!

The first question that lots of people ask is usually, "how did you tell Jimmy?".  Great question.  I mean obviously he is the one that is in on the "secret" first since he did half the work, right?  Yes and no.  Because for some reason I am pretty good at keeping tight lips about being pregnant.  Even to my husband.  Mainly to right for the perfect moment and way to tell him.  And I did just that.

I took my first test on the Saturday morning after Thanksgiving.  It was the first positive I had ever seen in my life.  So I was pretty much in shock....but so excited.  SO excited.  However, I like to make sure things are correct and I tend to be on the realist side, so I wanted to wait a day or two and take another test to make sure.  Even though that one result was pregnant, I got in the car and rode 5.5 hours to Iowa to visit my dad's side of the family for Thanksgiving and didn't utter a word about it.  I'm still wondering how I did that?

When we got back to KC, I took a second test on Monday morning before work.  Same result of positive.  I was more than thrilled and satisfied with my sample size, so I went to work and called the doctor and pretty much said, "Ok, I'm pregnant, now what?".  When she asked how far along and I said "2 weeks?", she laughed and asked me when my last period was and told me I was actually 5 weeks along.  Which was surprising to me and took me a while to understand how that whole timing thing works (they have to make everything complicated).  So they said they would see me between 6 and 8 weeks, we set the appointment for December 14.  And now I was excited to tell Jimmy.

I had been thinking of a good way I wanted to tell him for awhile.  It revolved around our first dance song (Brad Paisley's "Then").  There is a good part that says "I can just see you with a baby on the way..." and I love that part.  I decided I would do a picture slideshow for him (he's done that for me before for like Christmas) and put some "reveal" pictures of me telling him at the end.  So when I got home I already had decided what I wanted to say and then took some self-portraits really fast before he got home from work and then added the verbiage on the computer.  I came downstairs when he was watching Dexter and waited until it was over to tell him I had something to watch (he thought I was working on a project for grad school the whole time...).  Once he got through a ton of pictures of us from 2005 all the way until 2011...these are the pictures that he saw...

(the song that was playing during the slideshow was the song we danced to at our wedding - Brad Paisley "Then") 

Oh my faces in these pictures.  He jumped up about the second or third picture and freaked out.  Like a good freak out.  It was pretty fun and I started tearing up because he was so excited and couldn't stop hugging me.  I told him "keep watching - there is MORE" haha mainly because I wanted him to see all of it!

For the next twenty to thirty minutes, we just sat there talking, getting excited, freaking out and pretty much every emotion in between.  Some statements that were uttered: "I mean, how are we going to figure out how to raise a kid??", "Are we old enough to do this?", "are you sure it's real??", "OMG - we are going to have a BABY!!!!!!".  So yeah, pretty much every emotion was experienced together and it was pretty freaking awesome.  And totally worth the wait and keeping my lips shut about the exciting news for a few extra days.  He was pretty curious as to how I kept my mouth shut for so long...but I am good at keeping fun secrets I guess!!

So that's how I told my husband we were having a baby.  I think he liked it.   Kinda sorta a lot.  And that's good.  Really good.


  1. So sweet. And fun. Lucky baby Carter!

  2. Wow Brit!! I couldn't have NOT kept my mouth shut like you! Thats a great story. I smiled the whole way through :)

  3. Hearing how excited Jimmy got made me a little teary! I love when guys are so excited to be dads :) Congrats to you both!!

  4. This is awesome Brittany! I could have never waited like you did! I screamed the news to Brian from the bathroom when I got a positive. Ha! Excited for you guys. Parenthood is SO amazing!