Monday, February 6, 2012

Last room of carpet

We have officially ripped up the carpet in EVERY room of the house that carpet existed when we purchased this house in May of 2009.  While I didn't get to participate in this last room, you better believe I helped with the rest (we pulled up all the upstairs carpet when we found hardwood floors underneath, pretty much moved out of our house and had them all refinished - including the downstairs that were already hardwood).  And boy am I happy to say that we are done with floors in our house.  And I'm guessing my dad and Jimmy are excited about that too because now (except for the guest bathroom) we would be just re-doing what we did in the first place.  Which at that point I'm pretty sure it's time to move, right? That's what I'm going with.  

Anyway, the carpet in our downstairs family room (the one with the newly hanging TV) was just gross.  I've hated it ever since we have moved in over 2.5 years ago, but guess what?  It wasn't priority...until now.  It was uncomfortable, too white, no padding underneath and best yet, LOTS of stains - mainly the big polyurethane stain from the pups knocking over a whole can of it...oops.  But now that there will be a baby in this house in less than 6 months, this new floor became a priority.  Since it's the only room with carpet in our house and where we hang out the most, we wanted a soft carpet (including a good, thick pad) and something that was a little we have completely lightened up this room.

It was weird and cool (weird because I'm not really showing) to go into Home Depot and talk to the lady about what we were looking for and say "well, we're having a baby, so it needs to be soft so they crawl on it".  Even with the weird look, we were excited.

Friday is the big day for the installation of the carpet and we skipped the extra costs of having them tear it out and move all the furniture (saved us around $175), so my dad and Jimmy did that today.  Since it was one room, it took a LOT less time than the whole upstairs and check it out.  I'm very excited to see the new carpet and how this flooring changes the room dynamic.  And now I will be a little more proud to give a house tour (and won't have to make sure the dog bed is strategically placed over the huge polyurethane stain first!).

Here is the living room stripped down to the bones...

If you can imagine - I'm thinking I'm going to build some storage cabinets on each side of the fireplace and built in shelves above them for some nice built ins....thoughts?

I spy Milly...

Our electric bathroom

I spy Toby....
In the mean time, the chair is making it's home in our garage and the couch is making it's home in our upstairs living room.  Right in front of the TV and Toby seems to be enjoying it a lot.  We did get a great deal on the carpet and installation at Home Depot, so we were pretty pumped about that.  Better yet, Jimmy and I both cashed in our "health rewards" points at work for being healthy in 2011 for Home Depot cards.  So using those, we were able to save $380!!  Wahoo!  Yeah for great companies and being healthy!

Even though they are tiring and cost money, I never get enough of house projects.  AH!

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