Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will you be our Valentine??

As in Carter tradition on the "smaller" holidays (2011's picture)...the dogs got to pose for another photo shoot to commemorate Valentine's Day.  This year, I went with an idea that reflects my absolutely LOVE of the candy message hearts that come out each year at this time. I know, some people (many) claim that they taste like chalk, but guess what - I really like them.  So I made my own (using the old school folded sheet method) hearts and then strung them around each of the dogs necks.  I threw a black sheet over the couch downstairs and made Jimmy do his job of wrangling the dogs.  Easier said than done in our house - but always a good time.  Haha.

I didn't make too many cards this year (but had to do some, we work at the biggest greeting card company in the world), but our family members have this picture coming to a mailbox near them.  But for everyone else, here is our family Valentine:

Oh how well behaved all those little doggie angels look.  Little do you know or can tell (hopefully) we weren't so lucky to get a good shot of all 3 of them - I had to crop little Milly out of another shot and put her in this one.  I had to make sure she had her best side showing, right?  That's what mom's do.

Hope everyone has a GREAT Valentine's Day!!  We don't have any crazy exciting plans - Jimmy has actually suggested that we start an annual Valentine's Day tradition of making breakfast for dinner.  So we will be whipping up some pancakes, strawberries, bacon, hashbrowns and eggs....sounds like a lot of food, but I'm thinking that Jimmy can probably eat it all.  Unless he pulls a birdfeeder, but I'm hoping that he will eat it all just because he loves me.  Haha.  We are doing a fun dinner at the Melting Pot on Friday night, so have lots to look forward to!  Very excited to have a week full of "love" with Jimmy.  SO cheesy, but true.

And this post wouldn't be complete without the ridiculous outtakes from what it took to get these hooligans to take a picture with a big paper heart strung to their necks.  Oh my, what in the world does our poor child have in store for them??

Milly - Hola chica
And Mr. Toby.  Behaving himself once we dragged him inside...
At the very beginning.  Not a good start.
And Willy makes his lunge for mom with the camera 
Attempt with a flash - eh. 
The last picture.  They are done.  
I'm guessing it's not easier when you throw another one in the mix?  Until next  year - wishing you lots of love and happiness with family and friends!!


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  1. I love candy conversation hearts too! Great pic...I am truly impressed. I can barely get my ONE fur baby to pose for me:)