Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Squishy between my toes

Ahhhh - NEW CARPET.  Even though it is only in one room - wowza, I just want to walk around barefoot on it all day.  I cannot believe what a HUGE difference it makes and how comfy it is to walk on and how much I love it on my barefoot feet.  Weird, but true.  Last week, I showed you it all ripped up with no more furniture, and now it is all installed with the furniture back in place.  Love it.  Ready for a peek??

Here is some pictures I snapped during the installation on Friday morning.  I worked from home that morning - the original plan was to do that all day, until my computer broke and wouldn't turn on half way through the day...awesome.  But what is awesome is the 1/2 inch thick carpet pad.  The stuff that was under the old carpet was like 1/4 inch or less and so old and not comfy or padded at all.

And here is the carpet completed!  I love how it's a little darker carpet the walls (as this room used to have dark wood walls and white carpet) and hopefully won't show stains as much as the old stuff did!

Here is the room on Sunday night when Jimmy is watching the grammy's.  It's quite a mess, as I still need to get some of the boxes of decorative stuff unpacked again.  And work on those built ins - but don't worry, I spent a few hours at my favorite store this weekend (home depot) checking out some options, prices, etc.  So hopefully we will have some storage cabinets and shelves soon!!

I can't wait until the summer when I don't have to wear my slippers and can actually walk around barefoot and feel the soft carpet between my toes!  Wahoo!  Now every single room (8) in our entire house has new floors.  Wow.  Pretty sweet thought!!

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  1. Looks awesome! For a second I thought the padding was the carpet, haha. I like the carpet better :)