Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sweet 16

As of Wednesday (yesterday), I was 16 weeks along.  Crazy right?  I know - because that's 4 weeks away from halfway through this pregnancy - which pretty much blows my mind.  And 4 weeks away from when we find out if this baby Carter is a Mr or a Miss - pretty excited about that, mainly because it means we can start talking nursery decor, clothes, colors, etc.  Oh the fun!  But that means I have 4 weeks to get all this other stuff done on my to-do list.  Such is life.

I wanted to take these pictures to show you my bump, but also the last day with my hair looking like this.  Sick of it and got it cut later that night.  Wait until you get to the bottom of the post for that fun.

So here is the bump.  To me it looks big, but the good thing is that if I am not wearing a tight shirt, you really cannot tell.  So if I want to flaunt it, I do it.  If I want to avoid people awkwardly staring at my stomach wondering if I'm pregnant or just fat, I hide it away.  This lady I work with is so funny and is always like "flaunt what you got baby" - love her.

I had to get one with Willy because he was looking on the early morning photo shoot and just looked so cute.  He's also went to the vet that afternoon because he had a suspicious lump on his chin/neck.  Scary stuff.  He had to have some liquid removed from the thing and it's off to the lab to get tested.  Praying its not bad news or cancer!!!  This poor dog cannot catch a break....

So there you have it.  16 weeks in and baby Carter is baking away.  I'm thinking it's just going to get bigger from here....but I'm ok with that if it means a healthy sweet little baby for us!  Especially because I still fit in my pants....with the belly band, of course (cannot button them otherwise I feel like I will die).  I'm going to start keeping track of some baby details (that I stole from Krista) mainly so I can keep track for myself.  So read if you want to, skip if you don't!

How far along: 16 weeks
Size of Baby Carter: 2-3.5 oz and 4-6 inches (s/he was only 1 inch when we had the 10 week sonogram!)
Fruit/vegetable comparison: Size of an avocado - YUM my favorite!
Total weight gain: According to my scale, 5 lbs.
Sleep: Ok - as long as I have my big pillow, I'm ok.  Except I pee several times during the night.
Movement: None yet, I'm excited because my doctor said it could start this week...but I have no idea what to be looking/feeling for!
Unglamorous body changes: Bigger belly!
Food cravings: I wanted something greasy for lunch Tuesday.  Bad idea after.
What I miss: Sushi dates at Sakura with Jimmy!!!!!!  Used to be a regular thing for us!
Strange experiences: Now that people at work know, people's awkward for everyone.
Milestones: S/he is getting some ears and can start to pick up voices - crazy!!!!  That means they can start listening to music (one thing that I think Jimmy will insist upon!).  And apparently their boy or girl parts of developed at this point.
Best moment this week: Giving Jimmy his Valentine's Day present, which was some KU baby attire - fellow K-State people, please don't kill me....I did tell him there were only specific times when the baby can wear them, but it put a huge smile on his face, which was the goal!

And finally - my haircut.  Now, it's not a "mom" haircut, I promise.  I just am sick and tired of blow drying it everyday with so much hair AND when I wear it curly it's just so heavy and weighed down it looks terrible too.  It was time for a change.

But you can see my little bump!

Not a mom cut - I promise.  But a "Brittany wants to not take as long to do her hair" cut.  So there you have it.  Lots of things changing!!


  1. Cute!!! Your hair looks adorable too :) Hopefully you don't care that my blog is going to be pretty much the same for the next 6 months...I stole Krista's questions and have been journaling too. Twinsies :)

  2. Hair looks GREAT! I love it... so cute. PS- Krista (I think) got her questions from this blog... which I am obsessed with:
    Not sure if you have seen it yet... but she is hilarious

  3. Thanks for the haircut love - I was a little nervous about it, but like how it turned out!!

    And Emily - I found that girl's blog through pinterest and LOVE her! So funny and I love the chalkboard - it's SOOOO cute!!

  4. Luv the hair!! Keep the updates and belly pics coming! Baby Carter can also hear his or her furry siblings barking! Crazy how they are already used to it once they make their debut:)