Friday, August 31, 2012

Look who is ONE month old!!

Oh Charlie Carter...I cannot believe you are already one month old!!  It's crazy to think how much our lives have changed and how much we love you.  Literally, I do not think we ever thought that we could love someone so much so fast, but boy, I think your dad and I could stare at you for hours and hours.

It's crazy how fast you are growing (gaining way more weight than the "recommended" amount each week...haha) and changing.  You are so much more attentive at times and stare at things so intently.  You do this little half smile when you are sleeping and it literally makes my heart melt.  When you cry, the minute we pick you up, you's just like all you needed was your mom or dad's touch - I love that.  You are sleeping so good (let's hope that lasts) and are playing good.  You are LONG!!  Yep, you are growing out of some of your footie PJs already.  We are fully engaged in tummy time each day and it shows because I cannot believe how much stronger your head is...I love it and hate it all at the same time.  I love to see you grow and progress into this little person you will become, but I hate it because you are already getting bigger and are not my sweet little baby that was 8lbs and 9oz.  I guess that is something I will have to get over and embrace, but I know we are cherishing all these moments with you and trying not to forget any of them.

And now for the one month photo shoot.  Haha.  With the big bear from my sister to see how big he's grown.  Well let's say that the first shoot went...ok...but it was pretty amusing.


And the outtakes....showing that he wasn't too fond of the whole picture thing..

...and then going down.  Poor guy!!

Can't wait for all the changes and excitement and growth to come in month 2!!!  We love you!

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