Monday, October 1, 2012

Charlie is TWO months old!!!

I am sure I will feel this way every month, but I cannot believe you are 2 months old.  I know you are still little, but I feel like you are growing up so fast.  I mean at Buy Buy Baby the other day I felt guilty and didn't park in the the "mom's with newborns/expecting mothers" spot because I are 2 months old and that's not a "newborn" right?!  Jeez...guess time flies when you are having fun, right?  I think so.  I didn't think I could love you any more, but guess what?  I do.  And your dad does too.  You like him a lot more now (probably because mom lets him hold you more now and do things for you - last month mom was a little selfish).  It's so cute to see you guys interact and fall in love even more.  You like his voice and his touch and his face when he shaves it.

You are still growing a ton...and guess what?  Sleeping is going much better.  Mom read this book recommended by our friend Ali called Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and it was so great.  Mom read it when she was pumping this last month and just being more knowledgable on things made it so much better.  Naps are going ok still (still have to soothe you a lot, but I secretly like holding you) but nighttime is much better.  Once mom figured out that you don't need your diaper changed when you wake up now you pretty much eat in a "dream state".  You are so much more attentive and it's fun to guess what you are looking at.  You smile and giggle and it makes us smile and giggle at you.  Vicious cycle, but oh so fun!!!  You are starting to make a lot of noises and coos and some squeals.  They are pretty cute.  You follow our faces and toys and things with your eyes so well. And on your play mat, you love looking at the lights so much.  I just love staring at you stare at them.  It's so cute.  Pretty much I'm obsessed with you.  Not in a weird way, just in a way that I'm completely in love with this little man that is half me and half your dad.  Speaking of, it's 50/50 on who you look like still.  Some people say you look like me and some people say you look like your dad.  I think you look like your dad with my nose.  And I think your dad is super cute...aka you are super cute.

We went to the doctor today for your 2 month check up and check out these stats:

Weight: 12lbs and 14oz (75% percentile)
Length: 23.25 in (50% percentile)
Head Circumference: 16.25 (75% percentile)

The appointment was one that mom was dreading because of the shots.  And yep, they were as bad as I thought they would be...for me, not as much for you.  I had to hold down your arms and get really close to your face and talk to you and try to make you feel better while she poked both of your legs.  You screamed - like really loud!  Louder than I have ever heard you scream.  That made me cry.  Then right after the shots, they had me feed you and you seemed to feel much better (mom's boob will do that, right?).  But I kept crying.  Dad had to wipe away my tears before he went back to work.  You are going to get lots of extra loving from your mom and dad today.  Extra snuggle time (breaking our norm and not making you nap in your crib - that's where the extra momma snuggles come in).  But such is life that sometimes doing the right thing as a parent isn't always easy.  And it's so hard to see you so sad.  I'm sure it won't get any easier!!

You've come a long way baby from the 8lbs and 9oz when you came into our lives on July 31!  I love it and am getting so excited for you to play more and interact a ton.  AH - just so in love.

Check out how LONG I am!!

This next one month is going to be a hard one because I will have to go back to work and let other people watch you.  But it's for the better, right??!!  I need to think of the all the fun friends you will make!!


  1. what a doll!! enjoy your last month!!

  2. I feel like he has just changed from newborn to baby in the last couple of weeks. What a big boy!

    And so glad the book is helping. Confession...I still have about 100 pages to read and just can't get through them. :)

  3. ummm. he's too cute. just way too cute.

  4. I agree with Ali...he has really changed in the last few weeks. What a cutie! Shots are the worst, but they do get better.