Tuesday, October 23, 2012

12 weeks have come and gone

Our final full week together.  Cannot believe it has come and gone and mom is headed back to work tomorrow.  So crazy that 12 weeks ago today you came into our lives.  I feel like you were always part of our lives and are wondering what we ever did without your sweet smile every day.  AH!!!  Time flies!

It was another fun week and full of firsts.  On Wednesday you went to day care for the first time and mom lost it.  Hopefully she won't lose it this Wednesday when she has to go into work right after.  You did so good though.  I lost it when I dropped you off thinking you would never forgive me and be so confused when it wasn't my face you woke up to after you took your morning nap.  Well, when I came to pick you up at noon, you were in the bouncer having a fun time and had already had a few diaper changes, taken 2 bottles like a champ, and taken an hour long nap.  Wahoo!  You looked at me and started crying.  Not quite the reaction I was hoping for, but you were so tired because you had so much fun that you went to sleep the minute you got in the car seat.  And then I pretty much stared at you the rest of the day.  I'm nuts.

Other firsts?  Mom went out with her friends on Thursday and you had some father/son time.  Well, I think mom messed up and had an ice cream cone and your tummy was upset...because you cried the whole time.  Mom had fun but was secretly happy that you woke up unexpectedly for a 3am feeding so she could spend time with you since she missed bath time.  Friday night - Grana and Gigi (Jimmy's grandma) were so sweet and came over to watch you.  You did great and they loved hanging out with you.  Pretty sure Grana thought your mom was crazy with the list I left just in case she needed something and at our bed time routine.  Haha.  It's a first kid thing I guess.  However, first babysitter lesson #1.  Make sure you feed them.  Mom and dad totally messed up on this one and they were left with ham and cheese and beer.  They said they didn't mind - but I did!!!  The rehearsal dinner was so fun, but mom's boobs were hurting so bad that she had to drag your dad home to feed you or pump...went a little too long!!!  AH the new normal.

Saturday was Heble and Mac's wedding day...that meant for a long day with Charlie and the Bruns family.  We dropped Jimmy off in the morning at Heble's house to get ready and then we stopped by to see Ashley and Courtney so they could meet you!  You were so fun and liked them a lot.  Then Nana B came over and mom walked through the long list with her (again, thought she was crazy) and then we headed to the church.  Mom and dad had the wedding, went on the party bus and then the reception.  Major pump issues...that's another post!!  But mom will learn, right?

We had a great time, but I missed you so much.  However, I think Nana, Papa B and Aunt Lyndsay had so much fun.  They said when they gave you a bath, they all just sat there and stared at you because you are so cute!  I'm sure they will babysit you many more times!!!!!

Monday...well...that was Monday.  We had a great morning and then the dogs pretty much ruined the afternoon.  UGH!!  Oh well, such is life, right?  Only one more day all to ourselves my little man.  One more day.  I have so much enjoyed these last 12 weeks with you and am so thankful that I got this time off with you.  We have learned so much for each other these last 12 weeks - it's amazing to think back at the first few weeks and how different everything was.  Life feels so much more normal now with you and we love it.  We love you.  So much.  So so much.  Next week's update will be very interesting!!!!

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  1. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow!!!! Love you!