Thursday, October 11, 2012

Week 10 - double digits!

309.  Yep, that's how many pictures/videos that are "new" on my iPhone from just last week.  It's official...I'm a crazy mom that takes way too many pictures of you.  I'm SO happy we got our iPhones when we did because I literally do not know how I would survive or capture so many cutes pictures and videos of you without it.  Especially as I'm getting ready to head back to work - I'm already thinking of the pictures I want to take to put on my desk to stare at all day long!!

I'm not sure what happened to your sleeping - but it's totally regressed.  But we still love you. Even though I don't sleep.  You are worth it, right?

You were seriously SO much more fun this week.  Not that it hasn't been fun hanging with you before...but now you smile, laugh, make noises, look at me and all that fun stuff.  I feel like we are interacting a lot more and it's way fun.  We busted out a new toy this week - the jumper/excersaucer thing.  I just felt like you were getting bored just laying on your I figured I would set it up and give it a whirl.  While you are still not 100% ready for it (your still too short...and head control is decent but it's not perfect!!) love it.  Mom is by your side the whole time.  You love the music and you LOVE the hanging monkey.  Not sure what your fascination is with him...but it's pretty funny.  You stare at him.  You smile at him.  And you laugh out loud at him.  Couldn't get enough of it!!

You met LOTS of new people and friends this week.  Your great aunt Pam and uncle Bruce came in town over the weekend from Iowa and you got to spend some time with them.  They loved you and said you were super cute!!!  We also went to watch the KU/KSU game at the Krumholtz's house and Kinley got to meet and hold was good practice for her because she's going to have a little brother in December.  And guess what?  For our final event of the day, you got to also meet your BFF Arden!! We headed out to the Gower's house because Vanessa and Chris and Arden were in town.  The Matlocks came out with Jackson and then Heather and the Hartley's all came also.  It was so fun to have Jackson, Charlie and Arden all together.  Cannot wait until they get older and get to play all together!!!

We are also getting really really good at going places together.  It's fun!!!  So sad that our time together is almost over at home.  It goes like this.  Charlie in the car seat.  Milly and Willy in the kennel.  Lock the doors, strap Charlie in, grab mom's sunglasses and water and head out the door.  Boy our house is sometimes a zoo!!

You continue to grow and be so fun and cute and pretty much I cry thinking about not spending all day with you.  But it's good - for both of us.  You are going to try it out next week and I'm sure you will have lots of fun things to tell us.  Haha!!

There are tons of pictures this week - I had to pick from the 300 or so!!

Chubby baby!! 
Trip to the mall!!
Milly rocking the nap nanny - while the cover is getting washed

Rocking out on tummy time :)
Charlie hanging in the crib checking out the mobile
Love this outfit!
Our trip to the plaza 
In his toy for the first time! 
Haha - mom in her hat
BATHTIME - lounging
Kinley and Charlie! 
Bffs nursing our babes!
Heather and Arden :) 
Molly & Charlie; me & Arden!!! 
Vanessa loving on Charlie
Love this picture!!
Another cute one :)
Playing with Bruce & Pam
Uncle Bruce loving on Charlie
Papa Rog with Lani & Lucy!
Nana B and her babies!
Jimmy's find at the Bruns house.  I wore this when I was 8

Lounging outside together

Love this outfit so much - he's growing out of it too fast!


Only one full week left with you my sweet babe!!

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