Sunday, October 28, 2012

Back to work

We made it three days already in our new "normal" life. The worst thing I've forgotten at home so far is my work badge and I just stole Jimmy's that day, so I consider it a win on remembering the 17,001 things that I now have to carry out the door in the morning. Top 4 are all things to do with feeding and changing Charlie.

Wednesday was the day. I remember putting him to bed Tuesday night just so anxious wondering how our morning would go, wondering if he would sleep at all that night and how I would ever leave him. Well guess what?? I tested up but didn't ball my eyes out. Why?? Oh that's because a week ago Wednesday we did our day care trial run and that was when I was a huge freaking mess. Like hysterical-I can't breathe-inconsoleable walking out the door and all the way home. Very happy we did a practice so I could get that out then versus going to work after. It was hard, but I knew it had to be done and he was in good hands. And I knew I would see him over lunch :). Yep, at the time we were looking at day cares I thought I would like him close to work versus home and boy do I ever. Works out nice since Jimmy and I both work at the same place too,

When I got to work, we parked in the parking garage and walked in together- something I hadn't done in a LONG time since Jimmy was super sweet and would drop me off at the door when I was pregnant!!! My desk was decorated and co-workers happy to see me, as I was happy to see them!! Next thing I knew after I got my computer up and running, pumped and had a was time to go to see Charlie!!! And best yet, I got to nurse him instead of pumping! Great for me and him. Then it was back to work with a long meeting that afternoon and then pump and time to pick him up!!!

Essentially, the first day flew by!! However, day 2 and 3 were much harder for me. I think doing our morning routine a second and third time made it sink in that this is now our everyday normal and I wouldn't get to spend all day everyday with my Charlie. We went to see him over lunch on Thursday too and I got to nurse him again but Friday I went out to lunch with friends. It was nice but also sad because I wondered what Charlie was doing all day!!!  Turns out...he did great, ate great and napped great.  Overall, they are telling us that they will keep him and he's pretty easy and calm, so that's great!!

A weird thing is his school closes at 4:30 on Friday's, so that means we work early hours on Friday. Which having that extra time at night with our family was great!!! Luckily our bosses are nice and flexible so we can come in early so we can both leave early to pick him up.

I was definitely a planner before but having a baby and working requires oh so much planning at night it's crazy.  I have even started showering at night for a few extra moments of sleep in the morning.

Oh how things change in just a few short days.  I know as Monday is upon us, it will be a lot harder going a full 5 days to work versus just 3...but I know I will live.  And I know that this is the best for our family.  I am happy to be at work.  Really, that's weird, right?  I miss Charlie so much...there's no denying that, but I like my work.  And finally by late Thursday and Friday, it was actually nice to get back into things and start working on some of my contracts that I was when I left in July.   It makes it SO nice that I can drop in and see him whenever and I will, even if I have to ask my mom if she thinks his teachers think I'm a crazy mom.  It also makes it nice that I am really liking the place we chose, his teachers, the owner and the other kids.  Miss Linda is so sweet and I swear, every time I ask her a question about something, she always has an answer and a lot of times it makes my life easier (like how I showed up with 4 bottles the first day of care and she so nicely told me that if I just want to bring frozen breast milk in, they will take care of washing the bottles, etc.  Um - yes please).

Overall...I would say Charlie, Jimmy and I are doing ok with the transition.  Charlie seems to be enjoying it - however he did get his first "cold" I think this weekend.  Was just a bit stuffy on Sunday morning when he woke up - poor guy.  He wasn't his usual self for a few moments during the day, but he was a trooper, took lots of naps, and went straight to bed.  I just love this kid.  Push through those sicknesses, right??  Build up that immune system little man!!!  And I'm happy to say that he is taking a bottle pretty well.  That was one of the main things I was worried about...still working on taking more milk and faster, but gotta start somewhere.

I cannot believe it's already Halloween, Charlie will be 3 months old and November is this week.  Where does the time go?  However, I'm really looking forward to the holidays to spend lots of time with family - especially my little man.

So Monday morning - here we go....

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  1. Glad it's going well, Britt! I've been thinking of you lots!