Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week number 11!

Charlie, I cannot believe that we have already been hanging out together non-stop for 11 weeks.   It seems to keep going faster as the day approaches when I have to go back to work. Oh man.  We have had so much fun I'm telling you.

You get more and more fun each week because you are making so many funny noises now and like to play so much more.  It makes me so happy!!!!  This week was no exception to fun and we are continuing to the make the most of it.  It was very fun because Miss Arden joined in our weekly breastfeeding group!!  So great and love that you already have so many friends!!

This week also was your second road trip!  This time we headed north to Omaha, NE with the whole Carter clan.  All your cousins and aunts and uncles in one was so fun!  You seemed to turn a sleeping corner when we were there too and sleep a LOT longer now.  Which is perfect timing for mom to go back to work - you are so tricky!

We just are so obsessed with you and love playing with you and helping you learn new things!!!  Cannot believe you are almost 3 months old - WHOA!!

PS Mom seems to be running behind on blogging because there is so much to do before d-day is here (aka back to work!)

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