Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back from the lake!!

It's been a week or so now since my last posts- while you thought I was slacking, I was actually on the Carter family vacation. It was the first annual this year, with many more to come!!! With such a big family of 5 boys- they hadn't kept up on taking yearly family vacations so this year we kicked off the tradition by heading to Table Rock lake to stay at Still Waters Resort for 5 days with the whole clan: all 20 of us!!! Here is a shot of everyone that we got Sunday night before we all headed out on Monday morning. What a great looking family!!!

This was our activity of choice after the kids went to sleep. Playing pitch and drinking beer. Jimmy, Bobby, Mrs. Carter, and their Granny were all playing this card game on the first Hillary and I got curious and asked to learn. 30 minutes later (and LOTS of yummy dip that Hillary made) we were hooked!!! On Sunday night, Hillary and Jimmy set up a tournament complete with a bracket so everyone could get involved. This is Jimmy and I playing in the tournament against his mom and dad....we ended up losing to them in the first round. Tim and Shellie got a buy the first round and were set to play the winner of Mike/Granny and Hillary/Bobby but Shellie headed to bed so since Jimmy and I lost so I jumped in as Tim's partner. After we beat Mike/Granny we went on to play Trish/Pat...Trish was a newcomer (that night she learned!) to the game but they put up a really good fight. Tim and I ended up taking the game---after I got in "trouble" for not bidding on a hand that I had an Ace, King, Queen...but I gave them my reasoning and we ended up winning so doesn't matter now right? The best part of the whole tournament was the next morning though!!! When I woke up, Libbie handed me a medal that she had made out of construction paper for the winners of the Tim and I both got one!! And it was only 7:45 in the morning, so she was up early working on crafts.

For those of that read this that are pitch players (Emily and Myers/Strathman I know!)....we need to get a tournament going at our house very soon!!! So fun!

Here was the view from our condos. The resort we stayed at was awesome! It was so nice- we had 2 separate 3 bedroom condos to house all of us and they were so nice, with plenty of space. The mornings, the kids usually stood on the patio and through bread down at the geese and the pool was right across the parking lot!! And it was awesome, with a nice little bridge and waterfall.

Jimmy, Bobby, Hillary, and I spent the whole day at the pool on Friday while the others went to Silver Dollar City (tickets were $58 per person for ONE day!!). While Hillary was in the pool or back at the condo I started reading the book she brought and ended up finishing it- oops- but it was really good! So all in all Friday was a great day because we just had dinner after everyone got back, went on the paddle boats (which was a story in itself), then hit the sack.
Saturday it was a little rainy/cloudy and the boys all got up to go play golf first thing in the morning and the girls had all the kids for the day. Hillary and I got convinced by Libbie to start playing hide and go seek at 7:45AM---but then I countered back her suggestion that we needed to wait until the clock said at least 8:03AM. What a vacation :) But after we got the game was probably the most fun I have had in a long time because the kids are freaking hysterical!!! There are not many places to hide in a 3 bedroom condo, especially with 6 people hiding: Me or Hillary (one of us was usually "IT"), Libbie, Ben, Maren, and Kenlie. The best part was just realizing how innocent and happy kids really are. We pretty much hid in the same place every time, which was some closet that we could all 5 fit in! Every time the person that was "IT" was approaching- Kenlie would do a high pitched laugh/squeal and then when the door opened everyone would scream simultaneously. Pretty much made my weekend to see how much fun they could have together playing such a simple game!!
Saturday night, all the girls went out to the landing- which was awesome!! My family and I used to have a cabin (that was my grandparents) on Table Rock Lake when I was younger so we went to Branson many times---but the landing is new and just what they needed!! Check out the website to see how cool it is: Shopping, dining, entertainment right off the river/lake. It was great!! We shopped a bit then went to an awesome Mexican restaurant and got to sit outside on the patio and enjoy some drinks and food- just the seven of us!! It's so fun to hang out with all the Carter girls and Granny was nice enough to treat us to dinner!! After picking up some candy and popcorn to bring back to the guys, we headed back to the condo.
Sunday was the day of lake adventures!! We had been staring at this sight from our condos for the last 3 days and finally got to dive into the lake. Everyone went down to the lake to fish off the dock, then Jimmy and I rented a wave runner...which was awesome!! Jimmy was being a cautious driver at first, then I took over the drivers seat and pulled out my fast and furious wave runner skills. Then when he got back in the drivers seat he went wild and threw me off. It was fun! Then we all rented a pontoon boat for four hours in the afternoon and took most of the kids with us. We drove around and stopped random places to was a perfect day on the lake because most people had already headed home for the weekend!!

Monday- we got up, packed up the condo and the leftover food and headed back to KC. I was exhausted by the time we got home- playing with kids is tiring!!! But all in all it was a great weekend and we already have the vacation booked for next year!! At that point we'll be married and get our own room to share---so weird but exciting!!!!!!!! :)

PS- Thanks Trish for your pictures!! Stole them off your facebook album!

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