Friday, December 20, 2013

Five on Friday: Catching up and the holidays

Hi!  I'm back (kind of).  I'm really trying to get back into blogging and catching up on all the fun stuff I have missed.  My favorite thing to do every once and a while is to go back and read old blog posts.  I love looking back over the {almost FIVE} years I've had this little blog and seeing how some things have stayed the same and some things are OH so different.

With that, I thought I'd kick off my return from a blogging hiatus because of school + wrapping up time at my old job + I'm just plain tired from this last semester with a Five on Friday post sponsored by Darci and her friends, AprilChristina and Natasha.



Did I mention on here that school is done?  Welp - it is.  Last week on Friday, I graduated and walked the stage with lots of classmates over the last 3 years.  I was kind of annoyed because the whole thing was long and on a Friday night (which I thought was random), but I'm so glad that Jimmy told me I had to walk.  Even if this crazy get up was $ was worth this picture.  One for the scrapbook (aka blog) to show Charlie when he's older.  He'll appreciate all my hard work some day...right?


In addition to finally being done with school...we have finally started to get in the Christmas spirit over here at the Carter house.  Jimmy was so sweet and put all the decorations up one day when I was out.  While most people might be mad...I was thrilled.  I honestly didn't want to go to the effort of putting it all up and having to take it down again in 2 weeks because we were running late.

It was such a great surprise and I loved finding his decor choices all over!


Oh Santa.

So we waited until what I consider the last minute on this one too ( there a theme here?).  But I was determined we were going to get to see Santa this year.  I had heard that Bass Pro shop had crazy long lines, and with this crazy kid, I thought it would be for everyone's best interest if we didn't have to wait for hours.

That is why we got to the parking lot on Saturday morning at 8:30AM.  We were already out running errands and Jimmy figured they were open.  Um, nope, sorry.  We actually are just going to sit in the car for 30 minutes and then go into the store at 9AM.  But Santa doesn't arrive until 10AM.

If looks could kill when I told him that...yep, I'd be dead.

But it actually worked out great.  All of it.  Charlie got a little Sesame Street counting video in...and we were probably the second ones in the store.  Jimmy had to go to the bathroom he went there and we went to check out Santa's workshop.  Turns out...Santa was actually there early (bless people who are early...) so we were second in line.  Wahoo. However.  Dad was in the bathroom.  Forever.  I literally thought he was playing a prank on us and I was so mad because he almost missed Santa.  But never fear, he arrived just in the "nick" of time.

And this is what we got.  A perfect little picture.

Haha - no crying, no hesitation, nope - he just wanted the candy cane.  I guess he's outgoing??  (hmm...wonder where he gets that from?)

All in all - it was wonderful and Charlie found lots of fun toys to add to his list!!


 Who has all this holiday fun without a little baking either?  I didn't take any pictures of the process of baking 8 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange I did with some girls from work..mainly because Pinterest totally LIED about these being easy cookies that simply are molded into circles, you plop a carametl and some salt on them and then put the dough back aroudn it.  Literally - half the dough was on my hands because it was so sticky.  

I give you: Salted Caramel Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

They were really good, but honestly, not worth the effort to me.  Maybe a dozen?  But not 8.

On another note regarding this - my little hand mixer went KAPUT mid making these.  So I had to stir it.  WITH A SPOON WITH MY OWN STRENGTH.  Gasp.

So that meant I was in need for a new one, right? a graduation present, my sweet parents and sister outdid themselves and got me a Kitchen Aid mixer.  OMG.  I'm still salivating thinking about it.  It's set to arrive next week and I cannot WAIT!

Moral of number 4?  Beware - Pinterest does lie.


This picture needs minimal words.  A toddler, in his dad's hand me down sport coat, in holiday colors, with shoulder pads.  He rocked it and he knew it.

I thought for sure he was going to take it off the instant he got to school.  Nope - he wore it proud all day and apparently let everyone gloat to him how cute he looked.  Oh Charlie.

Happy Holidays!  I will get caught up soon - maybe while we are on vacation!!

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  1. I recently graduated too, and it was on a Friday night. I found this strange, but I went to a small school so the entire graduation was over and done with within an hour and a half. Have a great weekend girl!