Tuesday, December 31, 2013

17 months old

(Still not a clue on height and weight - I feel like you eat ALL the time though so you have to be growing)
Clothing Size: 18-24 month everything with 2T shirts
Shoe Size: moved up to a size 6 this month
Number of Teeth: 14-16.  Your canines are have finally emerged to the surface.

Oh man.  December 2013 was QUITE the month - cannot believe it's going to be 2014 in just a few hours.  Just like every year, the holidays seem to make everything fly by because we are always going from here to there and running around.  But even with the constant on-the-go, we had a great month.  It is seriously my favorite thing to see you learn and change.  

You are learning SO much now, every day.  You finally started to say more words (yes, of course I constantly was worried and asking your teachers if everything was ok...they assured me it would just come on your own) and guess what?  You strung together your first sentence this month!  "Ride the bike" you would say over and over again referring to the exercise bike in my parents basement that you are obsessed with.  What's funny is that now you think everyone has a bike in their basement to ride.  Sorry, Charlie, that's not the case.  But I love hearing you say a sentence!!  So we pretend we are going to ride the bike regularly.

Know what else you are?  Quite the daredevil.  You love getting up on the ottoman and coffee tables and climbing up and over everything.  It scares me to death.  But you seem to think it's quite amusing.  I'm just waiting for a trip to the ER.  Let's put that off as long as possible.

You are a little more interested in the iPad/iPhone now, which is nice because that makes our few attempts to go out to eat a little more bearable.

Santa quite isn't something you understand fully yet, but you sure love opening presents and getting new toys.  Santa was very nice to you this year and so was your family - so hopefully you are a good boy going into 2014!!!  I'm already looking forward to next year when you are almost 2.5 (um that's crazy) and we can do more fun stuff to celebrate the holiday season!  Playing with your friends and cousins is always a perk of holidays too.

The final highlight of the month?  Going on your first plane ride and vacation to Florida.  I was really worried about our 3 hour flight, but you were amazing (let's see how you do the way back to KC tomorrow) and have just loved vacation.  The beach and sand are your favorite thing EVER. You seriously get SO dirty in the sand and throw it and just roll around in it.  Let's just say your baths were more frequent and full of sand run off in the bath.

We cannot wait to see how much you change and grow up in 2014!!!  We love you and your little personality that is emerging and changing by the day.  You are definitely ACTIVE to say the least and keep us on our feet...but we enjoy the challenge.

Love you little man!
Mom and Dad

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