Sunday, December 29, 2013

Golden birthday girls

I have gotten REALLY bad at posting a special post for special friends and family on their birthday.

However, I couldn't let December 29 pass without wishing 3 of my friends a VERY happy GOLDEN birthday!!  I have way too many memories of helping them celebrate many birthdays over Christmas break during college and even after college.  

So Courtney and Ashley (the Kelly twins still - even though Court is married) and Emily...


Ashely and her teeth

Courtney LOVES cupcakes

Emily and her hands...

Wishing you three the best year yet and hopefully you can still keep up with all the birthday shenanigans we used to engage in in 2013 and on.  

And guess what?  Since next year is the big 3-0...we need to have something pretty awesome planned.  No questions asked.

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