Saturday, December 28, 2013

Remembering during the holidays

While we celebrated my grandpa's life back in October, what would have been his 89th birthday came December 17 as well as our first round of holiday's without a phone call or a visit to see him and my grandma.  I forgot I took some really great pictures that I want to remember at his services.  So as we wrap up the holiday season, I thought it was a good time to remember him and all the loved ones we all lost this year and years past.

Where I'm at in my life, I do feel blessed to celebrate so many lives being started with the birth of so many wonderful children that my friends and family are bringing into this world as well as celebrating so many lives well lived with my own grandparents and my friends.  Being in your late 20s, you're at such an interesting point and I'm going to embrace it and celebrate all the things God has given us and all the people he's brought into my life.

 With that said, here are a few pictures of the visitation for my grandpa.  As I mentioned before, it was a wonderful few days celebrating his 88 years of life and being with our family and friends that loved him so much.  I know my dad so misses his nightly phone calls hearing his dad's voice and I miss our phone calls with him.  But he's pain free and watching over us every day!  Lucky us!!!

beautiful flowers and my grandpa

Where he's buried next to his other family members. 
One thing that was really neat about our time at the cemetery was the 21-gun salute that was done in his honor.  Members of the local VFW participated and it was so neat to see some of his old friends out there honoring him and his years of service in the US Navy.  Very proud of him!!!

 My mom snapped a family picture outside of the church.  Charlie looked so dapper.  What was also really neat was that the church that his funeral was in was the same church that my grandparents were married in over 60 years ago.

After the funeral, we took advantage of the seriously gorgeous weather that Storm Lake, IA was having...especially considering it was early October.  It's usually freezing when we are it was fun to get to be by the lake and at the AWESOME playground that was by our hotel!!

Charlie loved it - especially because they had an infant maze that was just his size!

Our last celebration of the weekend was for my grandma.  She was so strong all weekend and during everything...and the day of my grandpa's funeral was actually her birthday.  So of course we got her a cake and sang her Happy Birthday.  She's the sweetest!!

After lots of family time, hugs,  tears and laughs...and MANY rides on the luggage cart with was time to head back to Kansas City.

It was a beautiful few days commemorating and wonderful guy and the great life he lived.  He was a friend, a farmer, a volunteer, a husband, a dad, a brother, a son, a grandpa, a great-grandpa, a service man, an ethical and hard working man...among MANY other roles he held and held them all so well.  He will be greatly missed on this Earth and especially all those times we just need a hug or slobbery kiss from our grandpa, but I'm thankful that he's in a better place and all the wonderful memories we got to have with him!!!

Thinking of everyone who lost someone this year (or year's past) that they love, especially during the holidays.  May peace and love be in your hearts!

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