Friday, December 27, 2013

The TENTH annual: Carter Christmas Classic

 You know what makes you feel crazy old?  Not only when you have your 10 year high school reunion (which we both did this year in August and September), but when your husband has been hosting a Christmas party for TEN years.  You wonder how that is even possible!!!

Well, this year was the tenth annual Carter Christmas classic, which started in 2004 (our sophomore year of college) at Jimmy and Jay's college apartment on Oread Street in Lawrence.  Needless to say, it's changed a bit since then (the attendees and the location - several times).  I wasn't at the inaugural party, since Jimmy and I didn't meet until 2005...but I've been at 8 of the 10 (yep, one year we were broken up and I didn't attend...I'm horrible).

Here is how the venues have changed over the years (and stayed consistent in years past):

2004 - Oread Apartment in Lawrence
2005 - Rick's place in Lawrence
2006 - Ole Tapa's in Lawrence
2007 - Rick's Place in Lawrence
2008 - Tanner's (Lenexa) in KC
2009 - Knight's Hall (backroom) in Shawnee
2010 - Knight's Hall (front room) in Shawnee
2011 - Knight's Hall (front room) in Shawnee
2012 - Knight's Hall (front room) in Shawnee
2013 - Knight's Hall (front room) in Shawnee

So as you can see, it started in Lawrence and had varying venues and then changed to Kansas City after Jimmy graduated from college.  The Knight's Hall front room has seemed to be the perfect place.  Cheap beer, good friends and we can bring appetizers to share.  

The only thing I don't like about it?  It's always on Friday night.  Anyone else not a fan of Friday night parties?  I think it's because by the end of the week I'm usually exhausted and just happy I made it to the other I like to go to sleep early (yep, opening admitting what a loser I am).

We all headed out early this year so Charlie could partake in the fun a bit - curly rat tail and all.

His friend, Jack, was there too and they had so much fun running around and chasing each other and playing with the jukebox.  Seriously...when Emily and I were both pregnant, we would always talk about how fun it would be when our kids could play together - and yep, it's here.  They are playing together and LOVE it and can somewhat entertain each other.  We love it.  I didn't get any on my phone of the 2 of them playing, but I know Jeff did. 

Our one family picture that took make attempts to get.  Oh Charlie.

And my favorite picture of the thing that made our Christmas card...courtesy of Jeff Matlock.  Charlie TOTALLY cheesed it up for the camera on this one.  I couldn't believe it.  He just stood there and smiled.  So cute!!  Thank you for this picture, Jeff.  (see Jack in the background playing with the jukebox!)

 My mom and dad took Charlie back to their house for a slumber party when it was his bed time and Jimmy and I closed the place down.  As always, it was SOOOO good to see everyone that came.  It's always a good crowd and mix of our friends and family.  I love it.  Such a good time of the year to see people and catch up.  

By 12:30 and 6 hours at the Knight's Hall - needless to say, I was ready to go home.  After a stop at Taco Bell...we were done for the night.

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