Friday, December 27, 2013

Graduation weekend: success!

In August, most people thought I was nuts.  And after living this last semester, I would probably agree with them. But guess what?  We made it.  I'm done with grad school.

Why did people think we're crazy?   Because this was the first semester EVER that I was going to be consistently going to class more than one night a week.  And not just two nights...but three.  UGH.  Just typing it makes me want to puke.  I'm so glad it's over with.  I had 2 classes left - both required to graduate with my emphasis in finance and management.  Usually, I could pick my classes really based on preference, but more on the schedule.  I didn't like going to class more than one night per week and had been able to keep it like that (even last spring when I took 9 hours, or 3 classes, because I took an intercession class that was 3 nights a week, but just for 3 weeks and then another online class).  But this time, it was either you go to class 3 nights a week or put off graduation until spring. 

Seriously, the thought of going another 16 weeks was just not something we wanted to do.  So Jimmy and I decided we would suck it up and deal with it for 16 weeks this fall and we'd be done.  Easier said then done, right?  Have you ever done something like that and then while you're in think...what the HECK was I thinking?  Yes, that is exactly what we said to ourselves a few times.  With school + craziness at work with both of us having new(er) jobs, we were not happy campers for a while.  But we made it.  And that's what matters. 

So when it came time for graduation...we celebrated and it was wonderful!  It for sure wasn't just a celebration of my and just my accomplishment...but celebrating that we made it as a family.  And a celebration of all the support of family and friends we had this last semester that made all this possible.  And really to Jimmy because he's awesome too.

It kicked off at work - my Hallmark friends are the best and so sweet.  They not only got me this delicious cake, but took me out to lunch too!! My last Crown Room cake.  It was delicious!!!

On Friday, December 13, we all met at UMKC's rec center for graduation.  I really didn't want to participate - mainly because I'm cheap and didn't want to have to pay for the gown, hat and robe thing.  But Jimmy said I had to and that Charlie would love and appreciate that picture someday that we had together.  Yep.  He was right.  And it was so good to see some of my friends from grad school that I'd made over the past 3 years and hadn't seen in awhile.  It was long, but great!

Snacks are the best entertainment

Walking across the stage!

My favorite picture! (made the Christmas card also!)

We were going to go out to dinner to celebrate after the ceremony, but it was 7:00 at that point and our little man was fading fast.  With snack for dinner, he was tired and we decided to just go home.  So we ordered Chipotle online, I put Charlie to bed, Jimmy got Chipotle and we celebrated just me and him.  And it was perfect and delicious!!

The next night, we had planned on having our families over to celebrate with a small party.  Little did I know what my tricky, party planning husband had up his sleeve.

At first, my friend Emily and her husband Jeff walked in and just figured that Jimmy had extended the invite to a few of my closest friends...and then more and more people started walking in and I finally got the picture.  Jimmy invited like everyone.  And it felt like everyone came.  I was in shock (mainly to see all these people AND that they drove all the way out to our new house...which is about 15 minutes from our old house which was in the heart of KC).  It was seriously SO so fun to see everyone.  I had so much fun talking as people came and went and their kids came and played with Charlie - who is already a party lover just like his dad!

So thank you Jimmy for such a wonderful surprise and to everyone that came and celebrated with us and for so many others that reached out that wish they could have been there.  It seriously meant so much to me.  I love that all the people are here for us during good times and bad.  Love you!!

 Some party pics my mom snapped!!

Charlie and Brodie hanging out with Carly!

I mean people were EVERYWHERE!!!

Yes Bennett, Charlie loves the freezer too!!!

Cousins love Charlie's toys!!!  And he loves them!

 It still feels surreal to be done.  I dont' think it has sunk in yet.  Everyone keeps asking me how it feels, but with the holidays these past few weeks and getting every thing ready to leave my job at Hallmark, it seems like the craziness hasn't stopped.  I start my new job on January 3, which I think after a week of going to that and NOT going to class every night and being able to cook and play with Charlie and not walk into our house at 6PM stressed out about everything...I will be VERY happy it is all over.

So in the end and after 3 long years and one kid in between...we are happy that I did it and I finished it.  Check to that life goal!!!

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  1. Just now catching up on your blog. Congrats!! What an accomplishment.

  2. Very nice! I'm sure the path wasn't a cake walk either, so that's a rather fine achievement. Here's hoping that you pull through the tougher areas of life, whether it's dealing with taxes or the handling of expenses. None of which should take from your pursuits.

    Cory @ Integrated Accounting