Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy half birthday!!

Charlie Carter:

I went into your room to wake you up last Thursday morning just like I always do. Crept in slowly, turned on the lamp and went to the crib to take a peek at my sweet baby waking up. It's my favorite thing to do in the morning and something I look forward to everyday, no matter how tired I am. It's fun now because you move and roll all around your crib every which way I'm not sure how I will find you. But something about Thursday morning was extra special. It was your half birthday. Which that meant exactly 6 months ago at 6:30am (your wake up time on school days) your dad and I were in the hospital, hooked up to monitors, waiting for an epidural and anxious/nervous/excited to meet you. I remember the feelings from your birthday so well and will keep them tucked away in a special place forever. What's crazy to me is that looking at you in your crib, I was in awe at how much you've changed and grown in just a short 6 months. It has been such a joy to be your mom. There have been some hard moments, but every moment (good and bad) since your arrival affirms my purpose in life...to be a mom. To be your mom. Your dad and I just can't imagine our world without you. As I stood by your crib thinking all these things and what a whirlwind the last 6 months have been - you opened your eyes and smiled at me. Now trust me, not every morning is this picturesque by any means (sometimes you cry because you don't want to wake up or it takes you a while to give your gummy smile) but this morning made my heart so happy.  You are growing up before our eyes and I am soaking every moment in as much as I can.

I love that you still keep that sweet smile on your face.  People seem to comment that every picture they see of you that you are smiling.  It's a fact.  You're pretty happy most of the time.  When are you not?  When you are tired...sometimes SO tired that you don't want to sleep.  I'll tell you what, that's a baby counterintuitive thing that I will never understand!!

This month we started to let you cry it out at night and everyone was telling me it was horrible for the first few nights and it was.  But just like that, just like they said, you seemed to sleep better and longer and more consistently because you were going to sleep on your own at night after you finished the last nursing session and when you stirred at night, you put yourself back to sleep.  It's amazing how it worked like they said it would.  I'm glad because I don't think we would have lasted a few more nights like that.  I know it was for the best, but that doesn't mean I didn't feel TERRIBLE!!

You also started sitting up, rolling over both ways and really refined some of those motor skills.  It's been pretty fun to watch you grow.  And GUESS WHAT?  While you seem to be rocking a somewhat permanent cough through these winter months, you haven't been to the doctor since January 6.  That means we've been a whole month almost. Quite the miracle since I felt like for a while we were there every week.  Not sure if you are staying well or mom and dad are just better judges of when to take you now, but a little cough won't bring us there anymore.  We can fight through that together!  You also started eating solid food - which was a whole new fun of it's own.  Looking forward to continue to watch you explore new foods and gain new skills these next few months too!

I promise there was a reason this is so delayed...went to the doctor this afternoon finally for your 6 month check up.  Went so well!!  Here are your stats
Weight: 18lbs and 3oz (75% percentile)
Length: 26.5 in (50% percentile)
Head Circumference: 18.25 (90% percentile)

You are keeping up on your weight - seem to be shrinking and your head is growing!!

Here's the list of what you are doing now...

  • You are still rock that beautiful, toothless baby smile quite regularly.  We're just waiting for a tooth to pop through . I really thought it was going to happen overnight one night last week because you were SUPER fussy that day.  But nothing yet!!
  • You have started talking.  Well not "real" talking - but baby noise talking.  It's fun because you are pretty quite for the most part but it makes your dad and I laugh when we are laying in bed
  • You are rolling over every which way.  Front to back, back to front and sometimes a weird head roll.  You crazy.  I love it but this moving this is too much too fast.
  • Grabbing toys is so fun.  Sometimes when we pick you up from school, you and your friends are sitting on the floor together and  you are grabbing all kinds of toys out of the toy bin.  You are kind of picky about what toy it is!
  • You continue to rock day care/school.  However, we're making a move in month #7 to a new school - and I pray every night that you will do just as good there!
  • Your amount of bottle is still around 4.5 ounces.  We'll see when you take that up a notch.  I think you are ready.  
  • Somehow, someway, nursing has gotten better and you are less distracted.  Kind of weird, but really good.  You are focused now and it is so cute.
  • In terms of sickness - in the last month, you have only been to the doctor one time for sickness - or what we thought was sickness that was really nothing and just got you kicked off on rice cereal.  Hopefully we can keep you well - your mom and dad on the other hand...well we were both sick a few times this month.  No fun!
  • Speaking of rice cereal - this month was full of fun because you tried "solid" food for the first time.  I put solid in quotations because it's super pureed, watery food.  Rice cereal was first, and you liked it and learned how to swallow.  Then we tried oatmeal and we think it upset your stomach, so back to rice.  Then we got daring and tried avocados - no way no how.  You hated those and then hated eating.  Silly.  But don't worry, we broke you with yummy sweet potatoes - your new favorite.
  • Sleeping is getting better.  Still not consistent every night, however, you are going 11 hours.  Went a few nights in a row one week to beat your record of longest sleep ever.  We tried cry it out and are putting you down asleep in your crib (hoping you don't fall asleep nursing).  Still a challenge, but SO much better.
  • Still drooling a TON and all the time, but no teeth yet.
  • You sit up.  It's true. You sit up while taking a bath now too because you think it's so fun to play with your toys.  I love it.  We tried putting you in the real bathtub, but it's still too big for your little body!
  • 6 month clothes are getting too tight and too short.  Boy you are long - some of your onesies look like thongs!  Onward to 6-9 and 9 month clothes only.  Another sweep of your closet and dresser...
  • Good news - you have somewhat learned to soothe yourself.  NICE!!!
  • You still move all over the crib.  Every which way.  I swear we put you in the crib and sometimes in minutes you are flipped the other way around.  Somehow you stay asleep through all that.  Found you one more on your tummy for the first time too.
  • Naps have gotten better.  Not the whole putting you down thing, but you are starting to sleep longer because you are rocking 2 naps a day now.  Usually around 9 and then around 1.  We like longer naps.
  • Still rocking those size 3 diapers.  Looking good little man.
  • You LOVE the johnny jump up SO much.  A good solid tool to keep you entertained for quite a while!!

Seriously the most fun (and challenging) month yet.  You are starting to grow some hair which, means your dad has put a mohawk on your a few times.  What a fun half a year it has been little man.  I feel like next year maybe we will put the Embassy Suites half birthday event into the mix.  What is that you ask?  Just ask your dad.....

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  1. What a great post! Dying to know what the Embassy Suites is all about...

    1. Haha - ok, so when we were growing up, my parents used to take us one night at the Embassy Suites on the plaza to swim in the indoor pool on our half birthday!! And it was SO fun! My sister and I loved that tradition. I want to do it too just a nice break from reality and mini celebration for a kid!! But Jimmy thinks is crazy....?!!

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