Thursday, August 7, 2014

Good timing

It's funny how you see/read something at just the right time.  You know...just the right thing you need to hear at just the right time.

That is how this post from Little Baby Garvin felt.  Perfect timing on her thoughts and the reality of transitioning from one kid to two.  After 3 months she said they are starting to feel "normal".  So I only have like 8 weeks? Ha.

Oh my.  These kids, yesterday, this week.

I thought my first time with both of them alone all day was going to be Monday because Charlie's school is closed.  Instead, the poor guy came home sick from school yesterday with a fever.  So that meant he was at home with us today and a trip to the doctor was on the books.

The morning was surprisingly wonderful.  Maddie didn't scream every time I put her down.  Nope- she hung out in her nap nanny staring away while Charlie and I played.  Oh and he threw a box of ziploc freezer bags all over the floor and went back and forth every 5 seconds if he wanted to watch Tarzan or Scooby Doo on Netflix (dang Netflix and indecisive toddlers).  

We had to be at the doctor at 10 am.  Maddie and I made the mistake yesterday of not starting to get ready to walk out of the house early enough yesterday when we went to the we were on the ball today!  I was so proud that we were out of the house with everyone fed, changed and happy!! And the cherry on too?  We were early to the doctor!!!

The time with the nurse everyone was fine.  Maddie snoozing away and Charlie just walking around. Then it was time to wait for the doctor and that 15 minutes was brutal.  Not sure if Charlie's pain intensified, but you would think he was getting 4 needles poked in him simultaneously by his screams. 

When she finally came in, she tried to calm him down and no such luck.  Looked in both his ears and yep- double ear infection...again. This poor kid and his ears!  He finally calmed down when we left the room and he got a sucked (or maybe 2) and a Thomas the Train sticker.

We got home, ate lunch and he went down for a nap. Maddie was awake so we played, I fed her and then she fell asleep.  Both kids asleep?! Omg.  I took advantage and got in bed too. Of course poor Charlie woke up about an hour in screaming and drenched in sweat.  I just picked him up and decided to bring him in my bed.  Poor babe. 

Grainy - but I'm feeling bad for my sick/sweaty boy

But seriously? How sweet are these 2?  I need to remember these moments...along with the insanity because I will miss this someday (right?!).

I figured we made it through naps it would be smooth sailing until Jimmy got home. Ha.  Yeah right.  After naps we got in the car and headed to my moms school so people in her office could meet Maddie and see Charlie.  We got home around 3:15.  He was crazy time after that.  Like he was everywhere.  Then Mallorie and Noah came over and he was even worse!! Throwing things and saying "mine" every time Noah picked up a toy.  Sheesh!  I felt so bad.

Luckily jimmy got home soon after with his antibiotic- but man oh man.  Our house was a MESS, the kids were a MESS (aka protesting bed time) and I drank a beer with dinner.  Which just so you know- I hardly ever do that.

So needless to say- Jimmy and I were both a bit defeated.  

House is a mess.  Dogs are everywhere.  Mom drinking a beer.  Sheesh

But guess what? Today is a new day.  Maddie went a few awesome 4 hour sleep stretches and Charlie slept all night.  He wasn't the happiest this morning, but Jimmy was all star dad and calmed him down.

And now here I am.  Snuggling with my sweet sweet gorgeous snoozing baby girl on the couch on a rainy morning.  Sans one dog because we took him to get groomed this morning.  Drinking a half tea half lemonade drink watching the Today show.  Watching a segment on the mom that produced this amazing video on pregnancy that I loved and talking about the craziness of bring a mom and her youtube channel.

What I've realized?  Every day is not a good day...but yep, there is something good in every day. Even in parenthood.  As for yesterday.  I'm seeing the good is that I made it through the day with 2 kids at home...everyone is alive, fed, and changed and the house is still standing.  And that time laying down with both of them made me swoon.  

So that's it- finding the good in every day.  What is your good today?!

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  1. I definitely know that feeling! Life with two is no easy task, but it DOES get easier, I promise! Like Jessica said, 2.5 months is good, 3 months even better! Keep up the good work, Mama!