Friday, August 22, 2014

Why having a 2 year old is hilarious

Yes I said it - tantrums, indecisiveness, screaming and all - having a 2 year old in your house seriously can provide hours of entertainment.  Thank goodness, because if you're taking a positive look at things - the entertainment outweighs the frustration.  Most days.

Case in point.  Just in the last 24 hours, Charlie has done the following things that literally had me laughing out loud for quite a while:

While playing with his tractor outside, he turned the tractor over and pointed to the underside and asked about the tractor's "peno" (aka male private part in Charlie's vocabulary).  Then talked about it and how a tractor gets powder (baby powder for diaper rash).  I mean what!?!?

We decided to start Friday off with a bang and take everyone to McDonald's for breakfast.  We rarely ever go out to eat, so this was fun!  Charlie talked about going to "Old McDonald" the whole way there.  Then he got a sausage biscuit, hashbrown and fruit and yogurt parfait.  Even though he talked about the hashbrown very clearly, apparently he thought at some point it was chicken and the sausage biscuit was a pancake (what/!?!).  And proceeded to tell his teacher at school when we got there how he had pancakes and chicken for breakfast.

He participated in the ice bucket challenge video with both me AND his father and wanted more.  WTH?

He literally goes from hating something to wanting it in 2 seconds flat.

Watching him run around imitating Tarzan and banging his chest and yelling.  Like loud yelling.

While these might not be as funny reading them (because honestly, I'm not laughing out loud typing them...), but at the time and watching my sweet boy say and do these things - gives me hope and makes me confident that this is one of the many reasons I'm lucky to be a mom - in particular his mom.

Rocking a mustache at school 

Oh my- Maddie is terrified!!

Happy Friday friends!

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