Friday, August 15, 2014


Oh goodness.

Started out with no sleep thanks to my sweet little angel that decided she wanted to wake up every two hours.  Let's add to that the night prior she went a 5.5 hour stretch (what what?!?), so last night was like a dirty little trick.  

I went into work.  Yes, my baby girl turned 6 weeks old today and I went into work for a half day of training.  Long story short, my boss took another job outside of my company which I found out Monday.  His last day?  In a week and a half.  So I'm doing a few half days of training.  But sleep + getting ready for work + getting a screaming toddler out the door = no fun.

Speaking of a screaming toddler - Charlie had his double ear infection last week?  Well new antibiotics meant some wicked stools and some HORRENDOUS diaper rash.  So all we hear is how much his "peno" hurts.  And I can see why.  Poor kid.  You know it's bad when your day care person who changes TONS of diapers says it's the worst she's ever seen. 

We've tried everything.  Running around naked.  Baths in baking soda.  Diaper cream.  Doctor even recommended athlete's foot cream + vaseline.  Yowsa - poor kid.  Screaming like it burns.  It does.

Then we went and toured the infant room at Charlie's day care where Maddie will be.  She might be going there a little sooner then planned and going in there and seeing it made me more sad then I thought.  Like I didn't want to let her go.  It just makes it so real that she is actually growing and getting older by the day.  

Add on to that leaving my baby girl for the longest stretch ever followed by a ridiculously awful doctor's appointment (well check ups for both least no one got shots!)...I was spent at about 3PM.  

At least we got some good family time in!

We are celebrating my grandparents SIXTIETH (yes you read that right...60 years) wedding anniversary tomorrow at our house.

Besides getting confirmation that we have healthy and growing (aka huge) kids, the best part of the day?   Coming home to a CLEAN house.  Yes friends, the Carter's have a cleaning lady again and I literally couldn't be more happy.  Seriously.  After a day like today - walking into a house that is clean and smells so good was heaven.  Thank you to my sister in law for a fabulous recommendation.  

I might or might not have laid down on the clean carpet and rolled around.  Delicious.

But friends - tomorrow is a new day.  And today was just a speed bump on this journey called motherhood. 

Happy weekend!

Oh wait...I literally put my computer down to walk upstairs before I published this and walked through a huge puddle of dog pee on my nice clean wood floors.

Seriously.  Three dogs for sale.  They are old.  Pee and poop everywhere and bark constantly. Come and get Em.

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  1. Oh man, I'm so sorry. I can't imagine going into work after just six weeks. I'm having a hard enough time after 15. I hope once your training is over, you get a bit more time off with her! This working mom (of two) stuff is no joke. Thinking of you and knowing how you feel! <3

  2. Hang in there Mama! I know how hard it is to go back to work, just know you're doing great!!