Sunday, August 17, 2014

Married for 60 years

This Saturday my mom's side of the family got together to celebrate my grandparent's SIXTIETH wedding anniversary at our house.

My mom had such a fun idea for the party.  Since my grandmother is such a great cook - she had everyone coming sign up to make and bring one of my grandmother's favorite recipes.  That way no one had to cook for everyone AND we got to enjoy some of our family's favorite dishes!!

My aunt (and all my cousins from Colorado) were in town and took the responsibility to gather together a TON of old pictures of my grandparents and our family over the years.  We all watched them on our TV (all 500+ of them!) and had some good times laughing and telling stories and laughing.  Mainly at our outfits and hair from the past.  I will have to get some pictures from my aunt to post, but in the mean time, here are some goodies from the weekend of the whole family and subsets of the family.

Most of the Stephens gang - my uncle & cousin had just left and his daughter wasn't able to make it.

My mom, her sister's and their parents.  My uncle had just left - sad!!

Bruns/Carter family

4 generations of Stephens ladies!
Our family of 4!

Holt boys with grandmother and granddaddy
Bruns girls with grandmother

The Holt boys + their girlfriends

Some of the Sheil gang

Great Aunt Susan with Maddie

Some of the dishes that were made for everyone to enjoy:

Meatloaf (YUM!)
Spaghetti Pie
Hadley Special
Orange jello with Apricot dressing
Bacon wrapped water chestnuts
Marshmellow delight
Lemonade cake
Mexican cornbread

What was missing?  Deviled eggs!  Haha.  My grandmother even commented on it - but come on, no one can make deviled eggs even half as good as she I told her I didn't even try!  And it's true!

What a joy celebrating sixty years of marriage.  I mean are you serious?  It's amazing what a marriage and life it has been for them - traveling all over the Midwest as my grandfather is a retired Methodist minister, having a raising 4 kids, cooked a million pies, moved I have no idea how many times (that stresses me out!) and in love the whole time.  Seriously, I think just moving that many times might have broken that many couples.  I know just moving our house once was stressful for us! 

We are so lucky to have grown up with such great grandparents too - fun times with them at all their houses, but mostly at the lake house they used to have.  Oh man - going out on Table Rock lake, cliff jumping (I didn't do, my cousins did), playing dress up with all my grandmother's clothes, playing dominos and eating homemade ice cream...the list could go on and on.  Such a great example for marriage they have set for us!

Happy 60th anniversary!!

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