Sunday, August 10, 2014

Maddie's newborn pictures

Just eight days after little miss Maddie made her debut into this world, the wonderful Amanda Malone came over to our house to capture a glimpse of our life as a family of 4 and get some close ups of Maddie. 

As always, they turned out great!!  I always wondered what family pictures on a bed would look like after seeing them all over pinterest and I'm not sure I"m sold on doing it again, but for these, they turned out great!!!  

Some family pictures....

Very intrigued by her!

A dad and his babes!

 And then we headed to Maddie's nursery for some pics with her!

Those lips!

This outfit is just so sweet!!


And then I bribed Charlie with a Popsicle to come back upstairs and take some pictures with her.

It worked out ok.  But at least we got some of the 2 of them.  And he got his Popsicle!

And there you have it! Maddie's newborn pictures.

Looking back, I don't think I ever put Charlie's newborn pics on here - I will have to add them!

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  1. That one of Daddy and his kiddos. Oh my word, pure sweetness!

  2. So adorable! She is so pretty and Charlie is so handsome! We just did newborn pics at our house, mostly on our bed too, and whoa was it a nightmare! LOL. I will be surprised/shocked if we got 5 good pictures!

  3. SOOO behind on your blog! Getting caught up now while I nurse a cold! Maddie's new pics are just adorable. Love love love her!